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We sell Antique Estate Vintage Fine Jewelry for you to buy and enjoy!

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Layaway for item(s) over $700 up to 4 months is available. You pay when you can and how much you can


About BestEstateJewelry

Our Service Pledge
Items should be returned in 14 days after receiving the package.
The payment should be done within 3 days after purchase.

Layaway Available:

Q. How does your LAYAWAY work?

A. Our layaway plan is very convenient and easy to use.
First, YOU decide when you are making your next payment and how much.
You know your financial situation much better than we, so be your own boss here.
Initially, you pay 1/3 down and the rest of the money within 4 months! No interest!
Layaway deposits are not refundable.

LAYAWAY is not available for items on RED TAG SALE!
About Us
We buy and sell jewelry for over 20 years. We sell on Internet from 2002. We travel often to buy new merchandises for sale. Our goal is to provide precise descriptions, clear photos, great customer support and service so you can make your purchase with a confidence. Our descriptions are not overloaded, they are clear and easy understandable. We do not provide inflated appraisals. Do not expect any supporting documents in the package such as invoice, appraisal, or any evaluation of the product. However, we stay for our descriptions and try to do our best to describe the product properly.

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have. Our customer service is friendly and helpful.

The payment should be made within 3 days after purchase. Layaway option is available for the items over $700: pay only 1/3 down right after the purchase and rest of the money within 4 months. All deposits are not refundable.

We genially believe that everything happens for a reason. And like attracts alike. It means that we attract those customers, who resonate with our vibrations. When we started to acknowledge this fact, the type of customer we attract has changed. We stopped attracting those people who are rude, always unsatisfied, complaining, etc. Instead, our customers are polite, sophisticated, well- mannered woman and man, who is looking for the right product, and more importantly, for good service as well. We know you’re one of the good ones because you’re reading this now.

We don’t have competitors. Instead we consider all people who are working in the same business as colleagues. If people will continue to think about others as competitors, it will cause more resistance, stress, and unhappiness. We wish everyone in any business every success, prosperity, good health, and happiness.

Browse through our inventory, window shopping is free. Ask as many questions as you might have.

While browsing try to pick up the vibration of our feelings when we list our jewelry: JOY.