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Hello! I am Nori and I love rugs - It is in my genes! I am Moroccan born but have been sharing time between Brooklyn, New York ( live in New York ) and Morocco since 2000.

All my life I have been around Moroccan beni ouarain rugs and learning from my 78 year old father who is one of the best rugs and kilims collectors and a certified expert. We have travelled together all over Morocco - to the mountains, Sahara and to berber villages and small homes and also to many rug auctions. I started working with him at age 13 and have continued to grow my own expertise over the last 20 years (you can see images from my first rug show back in 1997 at xxxx).

We offer chic vintage Moroccan rugs that conform to the sleek minimalist style that ruled during the mid-20th century. Modern, timeless and joyfully abstract, my hand-selected collection of Boucherouite and definitive custom Beni Ourain embody the luxurious minimalist style that made regional rugs prized design accessories with Le Corbusier and the modernists. BENI OURAIN AND BOUCHEROUITE RUGS: Beni ouarain Specializing in the most unique and fabulous Moroccan rugs around.

Living in America for over 10 years, I understand the various interior design preferences and I am in the perfect position to offer traditional Moroccan rugs selected with the global customers taste in mind. During my career in rugs, I have sold over 10,000 rugs, working on both big and small orders, and have even had the pleasure of working with several members of the film industry including WB, Colombia pictures and other film makers.

Because my rugs ship directly from personal warehouse in New York or some times directly from my second storage in morocco I can offer very reasonable prices. And you will receive excellent customer service. If you have any questions about Moroccan rugs, just ask! if we ship from morocco will be by DHL Express , 2-4 b days

Your rug angle, Nori
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