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Vintage Costume Jewelry with Glitz, Glamour and Class

About BellStarVintage

I'm baaack! After a long hiatus, I am delighted to re-open BellStarVintage as your one-stop shop for top quality vintage costume jewelry and accessories.

It's been a few years since we closed our doors because of . . . well, life's happenings. We saw our son become a teen-ager and start going to college. We relocated quite a bit. We've had more than our share of severe difficulties, especially this year. Through it all, my passion for costume jewelry never wavered. During my direst moments, seeking out and looking at these treasured baubles from the past was one of a few things that always brought me joy and wonderment.

A graphic designer by profession, I started collecting and researching costume jewelry more than a decade ago, when our son was only five years old. He's now 18, and here I am, still giddy whenever I find something special in estate sales, flea markets, antique fairs, barnyard and junkyard sales, etc. Years of looking, collecting, reselling, have wisened me up quite a bit; these days, I can usually spot special pieces. Sometimes, I may not know why it's extraordinary because of the lack of markings, but I still do my research online and via reference books, and this has always paid off, if not monetarily, then in increased knowledge.

I have favorite designers — Miriam Haskell, Elsa Schiaparelli, Henry Schreiner, Kenneth Jay Lane, Hattie Carnegie, to name a few. I always had these top designers in my past inventory. I'll be working hard to have these plus other beloved names (like Trifari, Marcel Boucher, Nettie Rosenstein, DeLizza & Elster) in our current stock. Bear with me, I'm starting slowly, but also expanding at the same time, to include other unique finds, some of them particular to this part of the US, I may even have a few artisan pieces thrown in — I never know what I'm going to find in the next estate sales! Plus non-jewelry items, such as fashion accessories. Maybe, too, some works of art we've collected through the years.

Hope you enjoy browsing. I'll update info whenever I can. Please feel free to email, I respond as quickly as I can. Thank you!
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