About Bellingham Antiques and Art

I have a long history with antiques and art purchasing and selling here in the Pacific Northwest.
Operating shops in Fairhaven (Bellingham), as Fairhaven Antiques,
and then two different locations in Seattle as Seattle Fine Art and Antiques.
I maintained the two shops in Seattle for 9 years on Olive Way, and then Denny Way.
When the global market crashed in 2008 I took the next 8 years to do the esoteric things in life.
Five years of that were active in jade and rare mineral hunting with research at the local university WWU,
performing x-ray diffraction on local geology specimen such as rare jades and grossular garnets.
I am a jade hunter and collector extraordinaire, and an antiques and art dealer for life.
Dabbling in the antiques and art business for the last few years, I bought a lot of rare and high quality items,
and now I am moving my efforts back into the business actively.

Highest quality antiques and art from one of the best in the Pacific Northwest!
25 years of buying and selling:
Bronzes, Fine Oil Paintings, Asian Arts, Antiquities, Period Furniture, Sculpture, Sterling Silver, Rugs.
Vic Showell Bellingham Washington