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Louis, Corona Del Mar, CA

Beezys Adornments offers quality items from Vintage to Contemporary with 100% customer satisfaction! Offers considered.

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About Beezys Adornments

Our Service Pledge
We respond to all orders within 24 hours and ship within 3 days. Our images and descriptions reflect each piece addressing age, patina, materials and provenance when applicable. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer care with each and every purchase!
About Us
Beezys Adornments provides a variety of high end women and men's vintage, contemporary, costume and fine jewelry pieces. Most of our offerings are unique, one of a kind designs, which means our clients will never see them elsewhere. In addition to our pieces providing a profound fashion statement, they also provide a lasting investment. As you may have recognized, we have exclusively offered quality high-end adornments for over 20 years and now for the very first time via the internet. If you have questions, please contact us via email and we'll receive an instant text. With our state of the art facilities, we can make changes to our pieces and create custom designs. Let us know your heart's desires!