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Welcome to Galerie de l'Art Nouveau where you will discover the art of Art Nouveau period decor accent at its best. Our clients recognize us as one of the foremost interior Art Nouveau décor sources, known for our extensive and exclusive collection of exceptional authentic investment grade decorative antiques and vintage collectibles. We are recognized world-wide as a trusted premier source of heirloom pieces from the Art Nouveau period.

For a brief and brilliant period, from around 1880 through 1920, Art Nouveau dominated the cultural and decorative art scene. Everything from domestic furnishings and fine decor accessories were characterized by its smooth curving contours, whiplash elegance and organic natural forms. Even after 100 years, art lovers, artist, designers and collectors worldwide continue to be inspired by the floral elements, natural features, female forms and erotic contours of this beautiful enduring style. Art Nouveau is simply unmatched and unequaled in the art world. The artist of this wonderful period wove a breathtaking tapestry of unequaled beauty and style that still attracts enthusiast and lovers even today.

We are proud to sell exclusively on Ruby Lane. Our clients at home and abroad recognize and appreciate the exceptional quality of our period authentic antiques and vintage collectibles. We work very closely with Top Interior and Home Design professionals as well as individuals, just like you, to turn everyday space into breath-taking décor. All of our items are 100% guaranteed for authenticity.

We are very particular about the items we procure and offer to our clients. Our standards for authenticity, beauty, quality and condition to evoke the "Galerie de l'Art Nouveau Experience" are uncompromising and unwavering. We are dedicated to offering only the very best investment grade Art Nouveau antiques and vintage collectibles we can find. We do not settle for anything less than the very best and as a valued and appreciated client, you should not have to do so either. What other purchase or investment opportunities compare with being able to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of a investment grade art piece while it appreciates in value.

We understand that purchasing fine art, antiques and vintage collectibles is an investment at any level. For this reason, we offer a convenient no fee layaway plan based on an items listed price that can be tailored to each clients' budget and enable them to invest in the finest of art pieces that we offer in privacy, comfort and confidence. Our routine plan options cover 30 up to 90 days. A 120 to 150 day plan is also available and reserved for established preferred clients.

We sincerely hope you enjoy visiting Galerie de l'Art Nouveau. We encourage you to join our family of satisfied clients today and enjoy the exquisite experience and artistic beauty of Art Nouveau.

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