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As a child I walked into my first grade class wearing several necklaces, many brooches, bracelets and of course earrings! They all came from my grandmothers jewelry box and I was determined to be making a good impression. It didn't matter to me that some of the stones were missing. It was my grandmother's disgarded jewelry after all.
My tastes have evolved throughout the years as has my knowledge of jewelry. I don't usually wear "jewels" now that are missing their "jewels". I appreciate the fact that we have many facets to our personalities and that jewelry can reflect just that. We can be different people with each piece. I love learning about period pieces and getting more of an appreciation of the women who wore them at different times in history. Jewelry allows us to reflect on and keep close to the memories of those whom we have held dear.
My tastes are eclectic as will be reflected in the pieces I offer. But I do love them all.
I have a special fondness for plastics, all plastics, from old bakelite, to newer bakelite pieces made by contemporary artists. If I am selling these pieces they are all identified and are not meant to mislead. Many contemporary artists (1960s-1980s) are wonderful in their own right. I will also offer French resin pieces, and Italian resins...which I find absolutely delicious. And of course I adore the work of the rock star of lucite, Judith Hendler. Long may she reign!

A word on Bakelite. I have a special affinity for Bakelite. It will always be close to my heart. It represents to me a part of American heritage which exemplifies a resilience and ability to make lemonade out of lemons. Bakelite became popular during the Great Depression . Metals were required for the war effort and bakelite became the affordable bauble of the day. Many times they were very patriotic pieces. I am a purist and I would never sell anything but genuine Bakelite. These carved pieces are treasures to me and wearing them feels much like coming home.

Let me know if you have any questions. Forget the world for now, come in and visit. Your delight is my goal.