Marion Held, Vancouver WA

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About beadedtreasures

Hello and welcome to my shop.
This is Marion Held and I have been collecting beautiful antique beadwork for over 30 years. I'm original from Germany and most of my collection is also European.
Several purses from my collection have been featured in collector books.
I'm also a beadworker and I have restored beaded purses for as long as I have collected. I used to work in the movie industry in Los Angeles, but I retired from the movie work and moved to Portland, Oregon. I offer beadwork restorations but most pieces in my collection are not restored. Most beaded purses that I will offer here are in the as found condition. Some are very old and minor beadloss or damages are due to old age. It never bothered me when a wonderful old piece showed signs of age. I do recommend to keep everything behind glass and handle it as little as possible to preserve the old and fragile pieces.
Please have a look at the beaded pieces I have for sale. And please check back I will be listing more over the next few month.
If you are interested in beadwork restorations please send me a message.
Thank you so much
Marion Held