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Appleton , WI
Uniquely Distinctive, Artisan Jewelry Creations and Wearable Art ... Treat Yourself and/or a Loved One !

Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2005

"Handcrafted One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry and Wearable Art, Designed To Be As Unique As You Are."


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Welcome to Be-Dazzled !

I Specialize in Designing Uniquely Distinctive "One Of A Kind" Jewelry and Wearable Art Creations.
I believe "What You Wear, Should Be As Unique as You Are"

I am a Self Representing Jewelry Designer (SRAJD 1287) ... each and every one of my jewelry pieces in my shop has been designed and created by me .... no mass production here :-), nor do I duplicate my designs ... Strictly One-Of-A-Kind ....

I began Designing, Uniquely Distinctive, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry while living in NYC (and launched my shop on Ruby Lane in 2005). I currently split my time between NY, NY & Appleton, WI, with my primary location mostly in Wisconsin these days ...

Here's All the Technical Information on my Jewelry & Wearable Art Designs:
My primary mediums are Genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystal & Individually Handcrafted, Properly Kiln Annealed, "Glass" Lampwork Beads ... Created by Highly Skilled U.S. Glass Lampwork Artisans - not factory produced (non-artisan) glass lampwork beads made in China - yes, factory produced Lampwork Beads do exist, and are usually non-kiln annealed, which can lead to unexpected breakage.

Artisan, Kiln Annealed Lampwork Beads VS. Non-Artisan, Factory Mass Produced Lampwork Beads
An important thing to note about Lampwork Beads, as with all popular art forms, is that increasing artist-designed beads are being copied by Chinese factories that mass produce them using sub-standard methods & materials, and sold for cut-rate prices. The thing to keep in mind about Chinese Factory Produced (non-artisan) Lampwork beads, is that you get what you pay for. While initially, the low prices are attractive, the quality is not. The beads are made quickly, they are not cleaned of the chalky bead release residue in the hole & the bead holes are typically rough or jagged (and can cut thru the string or beading wire).
Two (2) Things to keep in Mind when buying ANY Lampwork Beads and/or Jewelry:
1. Check to make sure the Beads are Artisan Crafted, and are,
2. KILN Annealed (and not just flame annealed, or slowly cooled in fiber blankets or vermiculite) !
These points are key in Quality Lampwork Beads / Jewelry & the overall longevity of your purchase ...

LAMPWORKING is an ancient process which originally used wax or oil lamps as a heat source to melt glass - hence the name "Lampwork". Today's bead maker has replaced the oil lamp with a torch and each bead is created from the inside out, by first heating solid glass rods to temperatures up to 1700 degrees. Molten glass is then wrapped and layered around a steel rod called a mandrel. Each and every bead is individually created & the designs are limited only by the artists imagination. Lampwork is the manipulation of hot molten glass ... and no paint or painting is involved !

The Lampwork Beads I purchase & use to create my designs are made with Italian, German & American Glass (Moretti, Murano, Lauscha, Vetrofond, Kugler, ASK, Double Helix, Bullseye & Borosilicate (Boro) Glass (with different lighting, the beads reflect different colors and are most vibrant in Sunlight). I Exclusively Purchase, Handcrafted, Properly Kiln Annealed, Glass Lampwork Beads from SRA (Self-Representing Artists), and Members of the trade association ISGB (International Society for Glass Beadmakers) ... I purchase directly from Skilled U.S. Glass Lampwork Artisans.

If you are asking yourself, what does KILN ANNEALED mean ? Here's a brief description:
Kiln Annealing is an important step when working with glass, as a bead that is not slowly cooled in a kiln (and brought down to room temperate at the same rate), can be unstable (leading to unexpected breaking). This is due to the outside of the bead cooling faster (shrinking and hardening) while the the inside of the glass bead remains hot (and expanding). This creates tension/stress in the bead. Kiln Annealing brings the entire bead down to room temperature at the same rate, allowing correct molecular alignment, producing a bead that is stronger and more durable (the kind of longevity that allows you to pass your jewelry onto a loved one) !

AUSTRIAN SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS are faceted with tremendous precision, creating beautiful prisms. Due to the Optical Purity of Swarovski Crystals, Light Beams & Refracts beautifully, as it filters thru & exits from the numerous facet cut angles ... creating Mesmerizing Sparkle & Dazzle. There are other types crystals available to Jewelry Designers - although not as optically pure & as precisely cut as Swarovski Crystal they lack the Intense Light Refraction & Dazzle that only Swarovski Crystal delivers. Swarovski is Unmatched in its Quality & Distinction ...

(I'm very fond of the Aurora Borealis Finish - also known as AB - which is a coating applied to the crystal. AB appears as a very light rainbow effect, that changes colors when you move, leaning toward pale yellow, pink & blue tones, and you will see the use of these crystals in many of my creations).

The quality of any handcrafted item is equal to the expertise of its maker and lampwork beads are no exception to that rule. The workmanship & materials that go into my designed creations are of the Finest Quality. Right down to the Beading Wire I use, which is above Commercial Grade, for added strength & durability. My Jewelry is crafted with .925 Sterling Silver, as well as Handcrafted Bali Sterling Silver & Bali Gold Vermeil from Indonesia (not Bali Style - which are factory cast from India), Genuine Mineral & Gemstone Beads, and Genuine Swarovski Crystals. All Lampwork Beads are US Artisan crafted & are properly kiln annealed.

You are not just making a purchase at Be-Dazzled ... You are investing in an "Individual Work of Art" that will be cherished and valued for many years to come....

Thanks for Looking & Shopping at Be-Dazzled !

I realize there can be hesitation in purchasing on-line
(I'm an on-line shopper too).
That's why I take great care in photographing & detailing my creative designs
(so when you receive and open your package, its as close to the same item you viewed, read about & purchased). If you are not completely 100% satisfied with your purchase from Be-Dazzled, return your purchase within 10 days (via the original carrier, in its original package & insured for its purchased price) for a full refund (less the return Shipping & Handling & Insurance Costs, and any Paypal fees if applicable). The returned item must be received in the same condition as when it was shipped to you.

I love E-mail, so please feel free to E-mail me with any questions you might have prior to your purchase.
I will do my best to respond to you within the day.

Andrea M. Beckley
N. McCarthy Road
WI 54913

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