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Checkout our favorite links this month, 'How to tie a full Windsor knot' video and Exciting 2018/19 Fashion Colors

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Welcome to my shop. We feature an array of unique vintage treasures from quality scarves, men's neckties and cufflinks, handbags, vintage jewelry, fashion accessories, to one of a kind collectibles. Fall 2018, we will be adding add some lovely Asian pieces from a private collection, be sure to check in frequently. Vintage cashmere sweaters are on the agenda for October, and a new batch of scarves and earrings.

Be sure to checkout our favorite links this fall, 'How to tie a full Windsor knot' video and step by step directions, and the exciting new fashion colors for 2018/19. Pair these new colors with vintage additions to your wardrobe.

I love to travel and always travel very light. My major travel accessory, and secret for extending my wardrobe, is a collection of scarves selected in my travel color palette. From a long multi colored artisan knotty knit silk, a lightweight cashmere, bamboo infinity, and several silks, I can quickly change my scarf, shoes, exchange my rain jacket for a long travel sweater, and look great for dinner and an evening out, or a day of shopping or exploring museums and art galleries. Topping your travel attire with a scarf gives a more polished look that is economical, and I think you receive better service when you look nice. Scarves take up no room in a suitcase and can take the place of a necklace, save a bad hair day, or be your best friend when visiting sites that require a covered head or legs. Scarves change an ordinary look into interesting.

Antiques, and beautiful objects, have always been central in my life. My first 'real job' after college was in an antique shop off Union Street in San Francisco, Andre's Octavia's Madness, and, with the Internet, life seems to have come full circle with Ruby Lane. The hunt is my passion and my home shows it. Occasionally taking that country road or interesting alley is what has made collecting fun, and exciting for me. I can't keep everything, and love placing my treasures with wonderful new homes, every piece has a story and was loved once and needs to be loved and treasured again and incorporated into a new life. My pieces have gone to museums, set designers, both stage and film, costumers, stylists, all parts of the globe, and homes like yours. If you are looking for something special let me know.

I am always finding a little something out of the ordinary so please visit often and subscribe to my shop for notifications of new additions. Thanks for shopping with me, you keep me on the hunt!