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Our Service Pledge
VERY IMPORTANT: We are so thankful that we have had only exterior damage and automobile damage from Hurricane Irma . Thanks so much to our many subscribers who have written me their good wishes for us. We stayed in our home, and lost our computer use for a number of days. UPS and Fedex had both stopped service to and from our area, and have just returned to service as their electricity was restored. Nearly all orders going by Fedex are going out tomorrow. Orders that were taken to UPS for packaging and shipping hopefully were shipped by UPS. Several items are not immediately available, since we had very little time to secure are items.

PLEASE NOTE: There is another hurricane, Maria, that we are watching. If there are any items you may be considering from my shop, please contact me. I will discount as much as possible. We would like to reduce our inventory as much as possible. We already had plans to have a full inventory, which would involve many of our items put in our "backroom" for at least a week or two.

Warmest Regards,


We offer service to our clients above and beyond what is "usual." If we don't have appropriate items in the right price category, we will try to find suitable items for from other Ruby Lane shops at no charge! We offer layaway to our clients on ANY item, with convenient payment plans.

Through the years, we have collected many varied items from around the world. A plethora of museum quality antique pieces, including classic period paperweights, carvings from wood and precious and semi-precious stones; bronzes; silver items (including my large collection of match safes); porcelain, pottery and more. Wide selection of fine art; from Old Masters to Contemporary; paintings, drawings, photographic art, prints and sculpture. Figurines of porcelain as well as art glass and crystal. An eclectic selection of antiques from around the world as well. Asian items including netsukes and okimonos. Hollywood and Rock & Roll Memorabilia; German Shepherd and other dog breed collectibles of all types; wildlife figurines; sculpture of various media; art treasures; carved cameos; snuff bottles; vintage jewelry; and ....... well, you'll just have to browse and see for yourself! All lovingly collected and cared for over more than 50 years. We still look out for the rare and unique.

I have always bought only the best. Are you a quality seeker? If so, you are in the right place.

We try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, unless we specify dates that we will be unavailable. Since we take our items to a professional packer, orders may take a bit longer, but are usually shipped within 3 days.

We provide our Certificate of Authenticity for all items upon request.

FREE GIFT WRAP FOR SMALL ITEMS. Please be sure to let me know that the item is a gift and the occasion.

We offer layaway to our clients, with convenient payment plans. A deposit will hold your item for up to four months with no interest charges. If you need longer, we will extend the time with no interest if payments are made promptly and steadily.

From Tracy and Rick W: The paperweight arrived yesterday after finally getting through Canadian customs (as expected based on past experiences). The paperweight was well packaged and arrived in good condition. Your communication and service was excellent. We are very happy with weight - it is just as we expected. Our challenge now is to determine who made the weight. Thanks again."

From Lizzy: "The box arrived a few days ago and it's perfect. It's a gift for my cousin in england and she will be thrilled with it!!"

From Michael F: "Painting arrived safely - thanks for a fine job of packing. It is very nice and as described."

From Australia: "Thank you for taking such care with the packaging. My little box arrived in perfect condition."

From return client Bill S: "Your wonderful snuff bottle arrived today - thank you for the outstanding care and festive packing - it made my day!! Wishing you all Joy & Happiness in the coming New Year!!"

From Diane: "The sculpture is great! My husband loves it! Thank you for shipping it so quickly. Have a wonderful new year!"

From Susan V: "just received this fabulous piece-more beautiful than described-so delicate, intricate-and it tells a story- can't thank you enough!"

From Gene: "The Lotton paperweight arrived today. Thank you so much, it is a beautiful weight! Thank you for your great packing and fast shipping".

From Kim: "The painting arrived yesterday. Thank you for the fast shipping and for staying in contact at each step! Greatly appreciated. I was impressed with the super packaging too."

From return customer Jen: "I love all the paperweights! Yes, the packaging was beautiful and the stands are fabulous!!!!
Thank you so very much and Happy Holidays!!!!!"

From Tom: "Everything was perfect and I cannot wait to give it to the person I purchased it for. I know she will love it. Thank you very much,"

From Kay: "Hello Miriam, This lovely Borsato was just delivered. The detail is astounding. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it ! ! ! This is my first but certainly won't be my last Borsato acquisition. I do hope to shop with you again. Thank you for your kind assistance. Best wishes for a holiday filled with love.'

From Chris: "Hi Miriam- my sister and her family love the painting! First thing she said was it looked like the artist walked out into the woods from their backyard and used it for the subject.
Many Thanks and Best Wishes to You and Yours"

From Kim: "The painting arrived yesterday. Thank you for the fast shipping and for staying in contact at each step! Greatly appreciated. I was impressed with the super packaging too."

From Gary: "The Lundberg paperweight arrived yesterday in great condition. All I can say is, WOW, WHAT A GREAT PIECE!! My wife is going to be thrilled on Christmas morning!"

From Barb W: "Hello. This beautiful and really cool bracelet arrived today.
Thank-you for sending it so quickly and efficiently."

From J. G. (Return Client): "Hello and thank you so very much for the perfectly packed box! They arrived safe and sound! Many thanks for sharing them with me and as funds allow, I will continue to shop in you lovely gallery. It is always a pleasure as all your items are even more beautiful than the Ruby Lane pictures portray!"

From Judy: "I love the mirror, it came in great shape, thanks a lot, you have truly wonderful staff."

From Marjorie: "Porcelain arrived safely. I love it! Thanks so much."

From (Return Client) S. W.: "Dear Miriam, Thank you again for your excellent service. The Lundberg weight is a wonderful addition to our collection- my wife and I love it, especially since it is so different from our other pieces."

From E. S. in Norway: "I received the music box to day. What a nice piece and lovely classical music! Thank you very much!"

From Janet B: "Sorry to be late in replying. I have been out of the state.
The lovely vase arrived and is so lovely. Thanks."

From Roberta: "Thank you so much for the careful packing and safe delivery. Much appreciated."

From R. F. F: "I received the item and I`m very happy with it. It was a pleasure to do business with you. I`m looking forward for future transactions."

From Gretchen: "The BIG hotei arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks for packing him so well. I'm sure I'll be browsing in your shop again soon."

JG writes: "thanks so much for the awesome vase that I will be keeping and cherishing!"

JS wrote: "Everything was great Miriam, thanks very much for the fine service. Was wrapped really well, glad to see that."

From L. R. (returning client) in British Columbia- "I am so happy, my princess arrived today. She made it in one piece. She is really beautiful. Again, thank you so much for all your help. Its been a pleasure doing business with you again. Take care."

Melina G. wrote: "My Petrik painting has arrived safely and I am very happy with it. It is exactly as pictured in your shop and I am sure that we will be enjoying it for many years. Thank you,"

Sharon S. wrote: "wanted you to know I received my items today and they are wonderful. Thank you so much"

Terry B. (a return customer) wrote: "The bronze arrived safely late this afternoon. It is a superb piece and I am proud to add it to my collection. Thank you for making it available and thanks so much for such great customer service!"

Betsy H. wrote: "Just a note to let you know that the package arrived safely today - thanks to your terrific packaging!"

Ms. M. S. writes: "Thank you so much for putting the fire engine out there and for the terrific job you did packing and shipping it. I couldn't be happier." (It was one of the items from Larry Hagman's estate).

Ms. S writes: "Oh Miriam! I am so SO thrilled with my pietra dura pieces! I cannot even tell you. They are exceptional. And they go beautifully together. I think I just may hang them together. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you they arrived safe and sound and I love love LOVE them. Thanks again! Merry Christmas!"

Ms. L writes "The bear fetish arrived this morning. It was very well-packed. Thanks so much for also including the additional information. I love the carving." (part of Larry Hagman's estate.)

Ms. M. D. writes: "We received the beautiful picture yesterday. She's gorgeous and arrived in great shape. We'll get a beautiful frame on her and hang her proudly in our new home! Hope to purchase from you again soon!"

Matt B. writes: "Thank you so much, Miriam. The paintings were on my front porch today. The packaging was quite thorough- it took me a good five minutes to get my prize out. But I'd be a fool to complain- the paintings are in excellent condition, and exactly what I expected. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks again. "

From Switzerland, D. T. writes: "Hi Miriam
I received the pitcher 'Monkey riding a Deer' today in great shape. the packing was done perfectly and I really love this very beautiful pitcher. I will visit your store again and I wish you lots of success with your business."

R. L. wrote: "I received the bowl today and I love it. Pictures don't do it justice! The packaging was excellent, easy to open and the bowl was very secure. I'm very pleased. You can look forward towards further business from me and I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again. "

From CHINA: "My dear friends! I received goods! I like it!! Thank you! Looking forward to the cooperation with you again! Best wishes!"

D. H. wrote (about an item from Larry Hagman's estate): "let you know that I've received this, as well as the paperwork, in great condition."

Thanks to Mr. W who wrote "Thank you for the prompt delivery of the antique Kutani plate. I picked it up in Boston and carried it home to Switzerland. It arrived in perfect condition. Best regards"

Thanks to the fine gentleman, Mr. S., in Austria who wrote "We received the delivery yesterday and my wife opened it today. The packing was perfect.
It is beautiful and my wife loves it."

Thanks to our client Lisa W who wrote "happy with the glass jar. It's really beautiful as you described. Maybe more beautiful. Hahaa! Happy with your professional service !"

Thanks to our client Barbara C. who wrote: "I am thrilled with your response to my order! The prompt and careful shipping was like none I have experienced."

Thanks to our client Dorothy F. who wrote: "I Just wanted to let you know, "The Wooden Shoemaker" arrived nice and safe, the packing was incredible. Am very pleased with the piece."
About Us
VERY IMPORTANT: We are in the path of Hurricane Irma. Thanks so much to our many subscribers who have written me their good wishes for us for the oncoming Hurricane Irma. We are staying in our home, and will probably be losing our computer use. After all, our dogs are part of our family, as are two feral cats that we have almost domesticated. UPS and Fedex have both stopped service to and from our area this afternoon. Nearly all orders going by Fedex have gone out. Orders that were taken to UPS for packaging and shipping hopefully were shipped by UPS. We shall try to connect to the internet as soon as possible after the storm passes. You are certainly able to place orders while the storm is in progress, but please don't pay until we can confirm your item is undamaged. Hopefully, we will have good news for all of you after this.

Warmest Regards,


We offer our personal collections of museum quality antique and contemporary paperweights and art glass. From beautiful recent affordable weights to extremely rare antiques in the tens of thousands of dollars. My collection of match safes, that I consider a wonderful collectible that is getting more and more popular. An extensive selection of antique and contemporary fine art; paintings, drawings, sculptures; prints. We have shopped extensively in celebrity estate sales, and you will find items from Larry Hagman, Phyllis Diller, Greta Garbo (soon being photographed for listing), Mary Pickford, Robert Goulet, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, and many more. I have listed extremely rare photographs of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page; Neil Young and Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention). Signed, numbered and dated by noted Rock and Roll photographer Michael Maltese. (Read about him in the listing). Do you have a favorite band from the late 60's and early 70's? Let me know, as Michael is giving me a number of other rare and extremely collectible signed, numbered and dated limited editions. Note that Neil Young's photo is a ONE OF A KIND. No other copies exist or will exist. Frank Zappa's is one of only Two. He is giving me more One Of A Kinds so be sure to look at his work. We have always loved Asian items, and have many of our netsukes and okimonos. Wonderful personal colllection of Antonio Borsato's porcelains. There is lots more........ just have to find out for yourself!

The two large collections of mudmen have had their ages verified by an expert. Just in case I forgot to put it in some of the listings, it applies to all of the mudmen from the two collections. (Each mudman will have something in the description that it is part of the collections).

We offer layaway to our clients, with convenient payment plans. A deposit will hold your item for up to four months with no interest charges. If you need longer, we will extend the time with no interest if payments are made promptly and steadily. Please note: any item that has been in layaway can be returned or sale canceled, but ONLY for store credit. No refunds on payments for items held in layaway will be issued, except for store credit.