Things that Are, Were and Will Be!

About Back Bay Vintage

At Back Bay Vintage we specialize in "Things that are, Were, and Will be" Vintage!

We strive to provide a unique selection of quality items to finish off that special room, design a room around, or showcase.

We live in New Hampshire where many families have lived for hundreds of years, having heralded from across the globe. The items we come across never cease to amaze us, but what amazes more than anything is a family or heir who has little if any request for their ancestor's treasures--so sad.

What other find and might describe as drab, ugly, gaudy or broke; we find and describe as unique, beautiful, stunning or breath-taking. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, and yet, sometimes all it takes is little imagination to bring something back to life and give it usefulness or meaning.

Not everything we sell is in perfect condition, and why would it be? Our treasures have PATINA, that unique, old, worn, scratched, dented, chipped or broken look; after all that is what gives each piece a life of its' own.

This is our goal. So, Enjoy your shopping experience!