Items from years past ... stop, browse and enjoy a walk through time!

About Autumn Daz Collectibles

As a medical professional I found it was time to retire from that hectic lifestyle and return to my past roots as Autumn Daz on Ruby Lane.

Sharing a little bit about Autumn Daz:
Our families shared similar traits ... that being the 'love' of collecting and artisanship. This is what will give Autumn Daz its character ... a story of what was in the past and what we view as never being able to be reproduced.

The items that will be represented in our shop have come mainly from family collections with a few exceptions that have been acquired from local country estates.

Some of the items you will find being slowly added to our shop will include the following:
  • vintage linens [handkerchiefs, crocheted items, etc]
  • vintage buttons [mother-of-pearl, carved glass, metals, bakelite, etc]
  • vintage children's / adults books, as well as reference books
  • turn of the century postcards
  • coins and stamps
  • china tea cups and salt/pepper shakers
  • Hallmark dated ornaments
  • various other collectibles no longer in production

    All our items will be supplied with a detailed description via words and photos. However should you have any questions or need additional information, please know that you can email us directly. We shall answer your questions as quickly and honestly as we can.

    Enjoy a 'walk through the past' ... and thank you for stopping by our shop!