About August September Antiques

August September Antiques is owned and operated by a single individual - me, Noah Forman. I've been dealing in vintage perfume, perfume bottles, and scent bottles for roughly two years. I believe in high-quality customer support, fairness, transparency, personal availability, clear high-quality images, and careful intelligent packaging.

There are certain policies some businesses employ that I refer to as "antisocial policies" - charging full-price for a refill on a cup of coffee five minutes before closing when the coffee is going to be poured out anyway; or charging a person for an entire year's worth of gym membership when they only come one time (not out of laziness), etc. These policies are expected of large faceless corporations, but there's something so vilious about when a small mom-and-pop uses one that I had to make up the word "vilious" to describe it. I think a small business should relate to its customers as if it were a person, not as some impersonal, inflexible organization. So, my goal is to operate my little shop as if I were just one person (which I am) interacting in an perfectly friendly way with another person. I pledge not to use my policies in an antisocial manner.

My penultimate goal is to stock my shop with only fine quality, rare bottles.