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Portland, Maine's little one stop antique and estate jewelry shop!

About Attos Estate Jewelry

Here at Attos Estate Jewelry, we search all over the country to build our beautiful and unique collection. We buy, sell, appraise, repair and custom make quality pieces! For our Ruby Lane shop, we have curated a collection of gorgeous vintage jewelry. We will continue to develop this collection as we build our customer base, catering it (as we have for the past 16 years with our brick and mortar store) to the needs and interests of our followers.

As Portland's little one stop antique jewelry shop, we have always offered a wide array of jewelry repair services including ring sizing, rhodium, re-stringing, and more. Attos also does beautiful custom work. Any of the rings you see on our page can be re-sized according to your needs - and never hesitate to ask about custom jewelry creation or modification!

Contact us at:
Phone: 207-613-9222
Address: 50 Exchange St. Portland, ME 04101