China Jewels Treasures

Atara Fobar, Spuyten Duyvil NY
since 2019

Where you will find the most prolific collection of Antique and Vintage Chinese jewelry

About China Jewels Treasures

Our Service Pledge
We respond to all orders within 48 hours, we guarantee the authenticity of all our items
About Us
I have been designing for the most estimable museums and catalogs for many years.

Now you can find many of the designs used for these institutions, right here in my store, for a fraction of their retail prices.
You will also find special items, just for this fun site.

I also had 3 jewelry galleries at one time, but now I love selling online, at great discounts to you.
My passions are many, but Antique and Vintage Chinese Jewelry is definitely up there on top.
This store is mostly about that, but also other treasures that come my way.