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My late husband had a great interest in Asian history. With this knowledge, combined with his books and with the help of some of his associates, he purchased a number of Asian antiques starting from the late 80's. I purchased a few items during this period and also after, but my main hobby lies in collecting paperweights from the late 19th century through to the late twentieth century. The majority of the items for sale have been in storage for a number of years and the pictures used were the ones made at the time of placement into storage. For the bulk of the items for sale, an independent, outside appraisal service was used to assist in the description and the dating of the item. If there is any doubt on the age of the item, then it will be stated. I am placing many of these items for sale as I am downsizing for future retirement. I hope others will enjoy have them as much as my family had collecting and learning about their history. Located within the greater metropolitan area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.