Emmanuel Tiliakos
Woburn , MA
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since 2020

About Artoptima

Our shop has been in business for well over 40 years and we have actively participated in many nationwide Antiques and Art Fairs since the late 1970’s. The Original Miami Beach Art and Antiques Show, the Original New York Pier Shows, The Sonia Paine Shows in Boston, the annual Baltimore Art and Antiques Show and others are counted among the many shows that we participated in without fail.

Starting with the legendary “Yankee Doodle Drummer” shows in Woburn, MA where we were some of the earliest exhibitors, we have adapted over the years and redefined our mission and appeared as Alexander Fine Art, Eaton Fine Art and now, keeping up with the new digital world and freshly acquired selections, we are proud to present Artoptima which is strictly designed as a virtual Gallery.

A quick note on our digital gallery name: Optima simply refers to our mission which is to offer worthy objects to our friends and clients that optimize their purchase in terms of beauty, quality, and price. You can buy with confidence that your purchase is “optima”. We are approached for expert advice by dealers, galleries and large auction houses on a regular basis for the many areas in which we possess extensive expertise.

Shop us at Artoptima, where your satisfaction is our reward.
Emmanuel Tiliakos
462 Washington Street, P.O. Box 2576
MA 01801-9998
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