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My standing special of 10% off the original price always applies when you purchase multiple items in addition to all other applicable discounts. Standard shipping to the US, Canada, Australia and Japan is free, discounted shipping options available for other international destinations.

Discounts do not apply to custom items, but basic shipping is free.

All discounts are applied at the purchase order confirmation. If you pay through PayPal before I can confirm your purchase order, the discounts will be applied by refunding the excess payment.

Thanks for visiting my store and happy shopping!

Your satisfaction is very important to me, therefore if you are not fully satisfied with your items, they may be returned in the condition received within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price. All orders are processed immediately upon cleared payment, and shipped within 1-3 business days.

All of my jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty: I will replace or repair your jewelry whenever possible, should it break. Please be advised that sometimes this is not possible when stones need to be replaced, as some stones or cuts may become unavailable on the market. I am confident, however that my pieces will hold up to regular everyday wear without a problem.
About Us
Welcome and thank you for visiting my store!

I know many of you have been wondering about this extended silence and no new listings to my store.

Well, I took a long break because of our son, who was born last August. I stopped working somewhere mid-pregnancy, because I just got tired and frustrated of constantly dropping all of my pieces and having to crawl around on the floor looking for them. Then our son arrived and barely slept during the day and needed constant attention. Now, I'm slowly trying to get back to working again a little bit more regularly. I have kept up my metal studio work this entire time, and I have a number of new items that are the products of that work or incorporate such pieces.I hope you enjoy my new pieces and happy shopping!

Here you will find my beaded jewelry, designed and handcrafted with love and great care by myself.

I like to use semiprecious gemstones, freshwater pearls and shells, combined with sterling silver, vermeil, gold-filled beads, copper or brass to create unique pieces that fit your style. You will find the descriptions of the materials used in every item listing, and I also try to disclose whenever I know whether the gemstones have been enhanced or treated in any way, especially dyed, since some of these processes may not have permanent effects.

I only bring my best and highest quality items to Ruby Lane, and many of the items are sold exclusively in this shop. I am also working on new and very special pieces that will showcase my newly acquired metalsmithing skills, and I'll continue sharing these pieces with you in the coming months. The ring seen in my logo is the first piece to be born of this wonderful endeavour, and I am very proud to wear it every day.

I love working with clients to create unique custom designs, so please feel free to inquire. If you are interested in my personal story of how I came to making jewelry please read on.


I was born and raised in a world where the old lifestyle still strongly influenced our present. Life was hands-on, there were few machines, little pre-prepared food, and mass-produced items were more a curiosity than a staple of everyday life. Most of our belongings had a very personal history and many women still made their clothing. They also made their linens and household decorations, sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering wonderful pieces that they tailored to fit their own taste. That life taught me all those skills at an early age, as well as a deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

I have been making things by hand for as long as I can remember. Jewelry, however, was not among them. The women at home wore very few pieces of jewelry, mostly simple earrings, rings, and sometimes silver or gold chains or bracelets. The only "artisan" jewelry I saw growing up was showcased in museums. They were skillfully crafted pieces dating back centuries or millennia, pieces that originally belonged to the privileged few who could afford such luxuries. I looked at them with awe and admiration. I still do, but now I look at them in a different light, trying to capture their essence and draw inspiration from them.

The many forms of human self-expression have always intrigued me, particularly the way they all change as our society changes, somehow reflecting something deeper about the world in which we live. All of these forms, be they figurative or performing art, music, philosophy, writing, scientific exploration, all the way down to the simple artifacts of our everyday life: clothing, furniture, even cookware, all speak to us at a unique point in time. I was fortunate enough to be taught many of these "languages", of which art and natural sciences have always been the closest to my heart. I believe there is a mysterious link between the two, hidden somewhere in their process of inspiration and creation. In my own creative process I draw from an abundance of sources coming through all channels exterior and interior alike. Nature alone has given me endless ideas, and then, of course, there's the wonderful world of stones with their myriad of colors and patterns, not to mention the many incidental discoveries that spring forth from two "random" stones that just happened to find their way next to each other on my design table. My Hungarian heritage has been the most amazing well of inspiration, and it is slowly making its way into my designs in a more clearly defined fashion.

Often I try to put a face onto my pieces. I imagine the kind of woman that will wear them. It is a wonderful, and ultimately a personal process. While I always keep wearability in mind, a lot of my pieces end up being one-of-a-kind, bearing that personal touch that we all crave from the physical artifacts that live with us. Even when I can duplicate a piece, I rarely do, and I always end up changing something in the design.

When I first stumbled upon Internet stores that sold stunning beads, mostly from stones I'd never heard of, or beautifully crafted from various metals, and all were available to me to "play" with, I was hooked. At first just a little bit, but when my husband and others recommended I try selling my items, it became a passion. It has remained a passion, and a desire to learn and perfect this form of expression, to create pieces that are unique and worn with delight by their owner. I taught myself the techniques I needed, and learned about the stones themselves. It's been an exciting journey, and I am looking forward with great anticipation to the unpredictable thrown into my path, always experimenting, always hunting for something new. I have been learning metalsmithing to expand my possibilities, and you can already find some of my creations in my store sold individually or incorporated into my pieces. I like stones with a character and depth that leave much to the imagination, agates, jaspers and pietersite being among my favorites, and copper is the metal closest to my heart for it's warmth.

My customers, family and friends have been immensely encouraging all along, and I am endlessly grateful for their support. There's nothing more rewarding, however, than when clients tell me how much they love to wear my pieces and how many compliments they receive on them. I try to keep my jewelry affordable, and dare to hope that they will be worn longer than the latest whiff of fashion. I hope, that is, that my works are bridges between my soul and yours... always... Emese Gall of Artemese Designs
Emese Gall
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