Art Laboratory Jewelry

Natia & Giorgi, Tbilisi Georgia

Member since 2018

About Art Laboratory Jewelry

Art Laboratory is a workshop of Cloisonné Enamel and Goldsmithery. We are happy to introduce ourselves and our art to you. Cloisonné Enamel Artist and designer- Nat Nebieridze, goldsmith and jewelery designer Giorgi bedianashvili.
We create artistic jewelry since 2002. Our crafts have their own stories,are really unique and all of them are outstanding piece of art. We use cloisonné enamel,natural gems and stones and different precious metals to create comfortable, well designed and stylish jewelry. Every item is made with love and requires time and hard work from us.Perfection is our goal, which we think achieve almost every time we create jewelry for you
Giorgi: I started making bridal jewelry 5 years ago and then decided to show my creations to the world. Hope you will like them and they will become part of your new married life
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Nat:The idea of making cloisonne enamel jewellery came to me in 2001,in Tbilisi,Georgia. I took courses of enameling and after a year I became certified artist. I gained my experience at local workshop,where I was never free to express myself and work on my ideas. Later I quit my job and founded my own workshop. We work on orders and create stunning pieces of art.
As an artist I'm interested in people.How different every person is and I love observing them.
urban legends,mysterious creatures are always inspiring me. I always enjoy painting them.
And of course I'm inspired by nature. Every piece of my jewellery is unique, sculpted with passion, carved with attention to detail.
How my work is done:
First of all I paint real size sketch of my jewelry. Then I work with cloisonnés which is made from really thin silver wire .They are bent and shaped with tweezers. When I get the silhouettes done with cloisonnes, I place them on sterling silver plate and fire it on 700 •C. Later I put colors on the painting with meshed glass paints.You can not mix colors and some colors are all white before they are fired. Minimum six layers of color is put to achieve perfection in colors. After coloring is done, a piece of enamel is polished carefully on different sized sandpapers and sent to goldsmiths for putting it in unique and well designed frame.