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Mia Hankins, Wilmington, NC

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About Us
Traveling to France as a young girl, I learned to appreciate fine art. Visiting Muse'e Du Louvre' at such a young age, and the many museums in Europe, would forever change me.

The juxtaposition of blending old with "modern" is a learned technique I gained at a young age. Our home in North Carolina was a large historic house filled with what my parents called "their" antiques: Knoll, Bertoia, Milo Baughman, Eames, etc... To this day, my husband and I live somewhat the same. However, I lean towards a traditional flair when it comes to furniture, and a bit more "contemporary", if you will, with decor. Although, as many of our friends say, "It is as if entering a museum, coming to your home."

Being originally from North Carolina, my husband and I retired from the Film/Television industry in Los Angeles and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to be close to family and the ocean. We have two sons, and now, a grandson. My husband was a Production Designer in television for 30 years and possesses a keen eye for design. We believe furniture represents the necessity, and art, textiles and antiques represent the personality of a room and its' residents. Unique, personally chosen accent pieces says a great deal about a person.

It was not long after we settled in our new home that the desire to create settled in...and hard. Thus, THE ART DECK, "Gallery in a box" was born.

The Art Deck consults on many levels, and supports both National and our Local children's arts programs.

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"Let yourself fall in love with something that simply makes you happy. If there's a place for it in your heart, there's a place for it in your home." - Mary Randolph Carter


Mia Hankins, CURATOR