Sunshine Through the Lattice

Michelle Camden
Hampton , CT

since 2010

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All collectors know when they set eyes upon that fair sprite whose lifeless clay, wood or other drab purging from the earth is inhabited by light that flickers we know not how. No longer just a resemblance, regardless of the most exquisite details, but the soul of a thousand memories - each peculiar and known only in the deepest and most unprotected rooms of our hearts. The arch of an eyebrow. The curve of the lip. The swell of the cheek or all these together slipping unnoticed by the blind assembly belt to satisfy an economic staple of the era. These are the long lost and never known friends that no cost is too high to lure them into the orbit of our love. We would have considered ourselves fortunate to have the semblance of Mona Lisa, but here is the woman herself – hampered only by the stiffness of the mask she must wear to escape detection! This is the presale estimate of 3000 that soars to 15,000. We are all so in love, but only one at a time can see the fleeting beauty in all shades of the day. In shadow and light and read the mysterious messages that fall softly on the inner ear of hearts.
Michelle Camden
289 Brooklyn Tpke
CT 06247

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