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Since my mother took me to my first thrift store when I was a child, I have been fascinated with old things. It was the scent of old wood that allured me. During that time I met my Aunt Agnes. A quaint old maid of 84, who was surrounded by all things Victorian. I was 4 yrs old and she let me play with the sterling silver candle snuffer. I was hooked! For the last 8 years, antique dolls have been my passion. My daughter, who is my partner always loved dolls, but I was busy with restoring primitive furniture. One day the right doll came along. I had the prerequisite meltdown and have never looked back. Being the AAAA...... personality that I am, I lost hundreds of hours of sleep reading every book and article that I could find. I invested in an extensive library and learned how to restore the bodies and bisque fingers. I view the old things with great reverence and feel that conserving these artifacts authentically is very important. At the top of the list though, is honesty. Without that, everything else that you do is worse than nothing.