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I have been a dealer in antique dolls for over 30 years. I learned to love the smallest dolls at the very beginning of my collecting and have specialized in miniature dolls for most of those years. The all bisque dolls are my special favorites, but all types of dolls will be offered, and in many categories...I have always prided myself in having something for everyone. Not everyone can afford a Jumeau or Bru!

Recently I have enjoyed sharing my accumulated knowledge of dolls by giving talks and writing articles. In Oct. 2009 I gave a talk on dolls of Native America to the Doll Study Club of Boston. I later photographed all of these dolls and wrote an article for Antique Doll Collector Magazine which was published in May 2010. I next did 2 articles, for the same publication, on German All Bisque Dolls...these were published in the July and Sept. 2010 issues. In the August, 2011 issue followed my article called "Miss Love's Dolls", about the wonderful Loveleigh Novelty dolls made in Grantville, GA. Next came a short article "A Mystery Doll by Kestner" in May, 2012. In July, 2012 it was "Russian Dolls". I have turned these articles into powerpoint programs which I have been able to present to the Boston Doll Club as well as meetings of the Doll Collectors of America. I have recently finished a long article about Frozen Charlies...figuring out who made these. So few are marked yet so many companies advertised making "bathing dolls"! This has been very challenging but fun! It was published in the Fall 2015 issue of UFDC's "Doll News". Another article..."Displaying Your Frozen Charlottes"...was in the September 2015 issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine, and then in the February 2017 issue of Antique Doll Collector..."Rarely Found All Bisque Dolls of Color". My most recent article was on the cute little Hertwig all bisque dolls for UFDC Doll News...in the Spring 2017 issue. The Doll Study Club of Boston held a Regional Convention..."Little Women"...in May 2017...I presented a long program on all bisque dolls, and also one on Frozen Charlottes and Charlies...these were both fun to do and the convention was great!

I have been a long time member of UFDC, and am currently a member of the Doll Study Club of Boston, and Doll Collectors of America. I sold on eBay from 1998 until I opened my Ruby lane Shop and have 100% positive feedback on that site. Honesty and accuracy have won me many loyal customers over the years...I plan to continue these practices and win many more new customers on Ruby Lane! I appreciate the solid policies of this wonderful selling site.

Penny Hadfield
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