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I will do all within my power to see that our shared experience is all the buyer had hoped it to be.
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My favorite era is 1850-1885 and have built up a fairly good stash, perfect for the enfantine doll, Chinas, Woodens, Rohmer's, Huret's, etc.. Another result of this consuming interest is Civil War silks, trims (obsessed with this one!), ribbons, buttons, etc., appealing to the French Fashion miss. One positive thing came in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy! I have a wonderful space from the raising of the house, it is fast becoming a shop! Have tried facebook messenger with a modicum of success but will expand to Skype, facetime, whatever will work for you. A guided tour! Like having you in the old rocker while we talk textiles, it doesn't get much better! Unless you can visit in person (we are a summer resort area). I also love to match swatches! I am a better helper girl than a merchandiser!
Salvaging 1800s fabrics from damaged items is an addiction that has kept me off the streets for about 20 years, at that time I found I had so many piles of salvaged treasures that I had to move them on to make room for more, an addiction must be fed. That is what has gotten me to this point in time. Fabrics, silk, cotton, challis, etc. are the bulk of what has taken over my home but I am not above finding other "bosom clutchers" to share, ergo, buttons, trims, laces, and all manner of sweet things!
Please feel that you can contact me if you need something special of would like to match a swatch, I am eager to help.
I will continue to do shows: hopefully The UFDC in Baltimore (currently on a waiting list). Bear with me as I try to become the place where dreams are achievable! I want it to be loaded with wonderful and appealing items.
If something catches your attention, please share on Pintrest, that request is a result of the new merchandising me, also, I am hardly recognizable!
Giant distant hugs.
Diane Cucci
116 New York AVE
PT Pleasant BCH
NJ 08742-3332
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