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We love bringing to you, many exceptional estate finds and exquisite handpainted original antique porcelain creations ....thank-you all for making this year an exceptional one for us....we look forward to making each visit and purchase as fast and easy as possible for you..... :-)

My earliest memory of such beautiful creations were throughout my grandmother's home. Everywhere one turned there were teacup collections and colorful vases, a breathtaking array of the most gorgeous chargers i have yet to see laced china ,perfectly etched crystal stems with thick gold designs...huge china cabinets with glass fronts were filled with the pieces we could only look at....Nippon,Limoges and so much more... Each meticulously placed and treasured.....shared only on holidays or perhaps with a special guest. I never quite new the value nor appreciated the grandfather would shake his head when grandma came home with her "junk"....she always smiled quietly ........

Today, through my grandmother's love and appreciation for these unique handpainted treasures, thru my mother's eyes and gentle ways, and my father's curiousity,i am blessed to see each wonderous piece and it's value, not so much in the cost,but in it's a world filled with so many trying times i now see the importance of surrounding oneself with a little bit of beauty , each unique piece inspires one to believe that god has yet to give up on mankind and through these pieces from all over the world man has yet to giveup on long as beauty prevails..... and ,as time passes on.... through each piece brought to this site , i see my little one beginning to understand and appreciate the great gifts that can lie within us......and around us......

Our group of dedicated professionals, for nearly 20 years, strive to bring... the lover of antiques~n~more.... a selection of genuine quality French Limoges,Nippon,Bavarian&other fine handpainted porcelain pieces(...and a little more..!). Each meticulous creation conveys the timeless,ageless beauty of a rare & unique that is perfect just for you......a little piece of art history for the novice as well as the experienced collector....we are not claiming to be authorities....however we do consult regularly with appraisers and various experts to help verify the genuine original pieces you will find listed through us for you. You will find us consistent with our quality and service..... We bring only the very finest pieces we find to this site....we stand behind each piece we share and pass on as it has been cherished and cared for through the decades and the century's....i am in awe of how so much beauty has transcended through time....we aspire to inspire through our profound love of Antiques~n~Amour....!