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Currently soliciting OFFERS on ALL reamining items in the shop! See more on Home Page .

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Antiques @ Nesting in the Desert (A@NITD) pledges to treat customers with the same high level of respect and good humor with which we wish to be treated. Handling your purchase with our best care while getting it to you as swiftly and safely as possible is our primary goal. We also work very hard to fully and accurately describe each object for sale so you have all the facts needed to make your buying decision. Finally, we strive to meet the highest possible standards in customer service and welcome your emails anytime with questions, comments, and suggestions. You’ll hear from us swiftly, usually the same day. We want happy, satisfied customers who are excited about the merchandise and thoroughly enjoy the shopping experience. We look forward to earning both your trust and your loyalty.
About Us
ATTENTION! NEW 'OFFERS' POLICY! I am slowly approaching the end of my “ESTATE SALE ON LINE.” While a few new items will still be introduced from time to time, I am interested in speeding along the sale of my remaining inventory. Therefore, I am SOLICITING OFFERS on ALL reamaining items in the shop. Please do not mistake this as some great ‘fire sale’ opportunity. While I will respond to all offers, I look forward to reasonable, fair ones. After all. the varied items are of good quality, are well-described and many-times reduced. I expect that we can come to a mutual agreement if we are respectful of each other. Thank you for your kind support over the past years! Your patronage is deeply appreciated.

Up front, you should know that I am not an antique dealer by trade. Rather, I'm a Landscape Architect who grew up in a house full of American and European antiques, was an active collector myself over the years, and eventually, inherited some lovely things from family. I've also had both feet in the design world (interior design, house renovation, garden design) my entire life - ever since I jerry-rigged those bookcases in my first apartment! Now recently retired, I'm scaling back and decided to open an online store to sell my treasures - at least those I've been able to part with so far.

I am also collaborating with a well-qualified appraiser on those pieces where my knowledge is either incomplete or rusty. This work has actually been lots of fun, effectively enriching my ongoing antiques education. I hope you will appreciate the extra effort made to provide informed details, extra dimensions and explanatory photos to fully and accurately describe each object. All this attention to detail signals Antiques @ Nesting in the Desert's sincere commitment to creating happy, satisfied customers. Please get in touch anytime with questions or comments. I am here, after all, to turn my cherished antique treasures into... yours!