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Beak Chic
Avian themed jewelry....from Vintage to Fabulous! Our new sister shop, be sure to visit.

Antique Beak's Facebook Page
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Alicia's Creations Parrot Jewelry
Unique Handsculpted Clay Art Jewelry & Gifts

Ruby Lane Blog
Check out our interview on Ruby Lane's Blog!

Emily's Birds - Stories from a Parrot Filled Household
Emilysbirds.com is an informative bird blog. The blog covers everything from pet bird husbandry, avian education, conservation, and more.

Best Bird Sites
Vote for Antique Beak at Best Bird Sites by clicking the link above (we'd appreciate it!)

Antique Beak Speaks Out - an interview
An internet radio interview with yours truly on shop ownership and how we got in this biz.

Mighty Bird Toys
Unique and affordable toys for parrots of all sizes....

Garden Bird Feeders
We offer a variety of bird houses, feeders, baths and more and are adding new products and information regularly.

Everything Birdie
Anything & everything for your birdie at EverythingBirdie.com!

Migration Celebration

What Bird?
Puzzled by a bird in your backyard (or elsewhere) and need some help identifying it? Then this site can help!

Antique Bird Prints
This site has a great selection of genuine bird prints that are more than 100 years old. Wonderful for framing. Canaries, parrots and other cage birds.

Houston Parrot Festival 2017 Homepage
Home of the Houston Parrot Festival. Visit their site to learn more about the organization that hosts the Festival and to get more information (such as who's speaking and events) on the Festival itself.

Baby Birds Avian Directory
Provides links to avian websites.

High Quality Bird Feeders
Quality Bird Feeders that make a Striking addition to any Home, Yard or Garden. Hummingbird feeders and many others.

Links to just about every web resource there is on parrots, budgies, lovebirds and other tropical birds. Also includes a gallery that features photos of our feathered friends, and classified ads where you can buy and sell almost anything parrot and tropical bird-related.

The Parrot Pages
The Parrot Pages - A Home for Avian Information. They have searched the web so you don't have to with over 1900 Links.

A site all about pet birds, pet parrots and exotic birds! Contains useful info in all areas of avian interest, including but not limited to: behavior, clubs, products, breeders, chat rooms and ANYTHING you'd want to know about our special feathered friends. A MUST for any person owned by a bird!

Avian products from around the world including supplements, medications, breeding supplies and aviary supplies.

Parrots Now
Offering information for Amazons, Conures, African Greys, Senegals, Macaws, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, and more. Also includes free newsletter, parrot e-cards, parrot pictures -n- stories!

Parrot Parrot
Parrot-Parrot is a site dedicated to the smaller parrots such as lovebirds (Agapornis species) and budgies (parakeets), but it is also an excellent resource for information on ALL birds and parrots. Their pages on avian health, nutrition, toxin and dangerous toy alerts will help make you a better parrot parent, and their Articles Section covers many of the basics of behavior, nutrition, training, talking, and biting issues.

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