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More fine feathered finds just flew in on the 16th, come see!

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It's just about the BEAKginning of the holidays and we're starting to celebrate by adding a few things to spread a little cheer and to supplement your avian amusements. If Cockatoos on trees set your heart a' flutter then DO check out our newest ornaments and if the Christmas tree itself is the draw then our Fitz and Floyd Candle Holder may delight. You can view them all (including an AWESOME Art Nouveau Picture Frame) by clicking on the "This Week's Arrivals" in the banner above.

Speaking of delights we just got back from not one, not two, but three buying trips: one to Comfort, TX with the most amazing antique mall, another to New Braunsfels, TX where we found one of our favorite antique malls EVER (and stayed in a haunted!) and the last was in San Antonio, TX where we found a THREE STORY antique mall that was also supposedly haunted. I guess some things ARE bigger in Texas! While we see didn't see any spirits we did ingest a few *hic* and had a wonderful time. Look for some of our special finds in the coming weeks.

Speaking of special, is it too early to talk about the Houston Parrot Festival in January? ;-) This will be our 19th year there, baby! More info later.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of love and Birdies (and I'm not talkin' on the table...). We'll see you again the first week in December. Bye!

Jennifer @ Z' holiday Beak

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