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Join us for our Annual Clearance Sale now through the 31st, savings up to 75% off!

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Vintage Parrot and Wild Bird Collectibles for the feather-brained!

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Specializing in vintage & collectible Parrot and Wild Bird items.
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Welcome to Antique Beak a shop for Parrot & Bird

It's time to Sale Away with Antique Beak during our Annual Clearance Sale, a sale that's worth waiting for (all year to be exact) as some items are marked down to our cost or below and bargains abound. The fun begins August 23rd and continues through August 31st. Just click on the "Sale Items" link in the banner above to have fun with the flock. DO shop early for your shot at all the best stuff and remember that we love to combine items to help save you even more.

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You'll see us again at the beginning of September with temptations galore and items that will be suitable as gifts - for it's NEVER too early to Christmas shop! Until then, my friends......

Jennifer @ Antique Beak

We also buy bird items and consider trades in some cases. If
you have anything you think we'd like, let us know!

We know how difficult it is to buy items seen only on a flat
screen, so we have taken a few views of most items so you can
get a good idea of what it looks like from all angles. If you
need additional photos of anything please don't hesitate to