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Joanie Nickel, Prescott AZ

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Beautiful Antique/Vintage Dolls, Books, Accessories.


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I will respond to all inquires and orders within 24 hours unless shop vacation is listed or serious physical crisis prevents me from contacting you.
About Us
I was previously a member of Rubylane shops under the name AtticAngels. About 2 years ago I needed to close my shop for personal reasons. Please take some time to visit my new shop pages at Antique Angels Doll Shoppe. I truly hope that one or more of my listed dolls or a doll item will appeal to you. I will be listing more weekly. Doll collecting started for me as a little girl falling in love with her family's Patsy Dolls. This of course became a passion with my collection moving from Composition to German bisque to French Bisque Bebes. I love a doll that is finely made and is lovely to the eye. I prepare my dolls for sale carefully. I am very careful to inspect and describe all my items using varied lighting sources, magnification and a jeweler's loop. Many of my dolls have their original garments, carefully cleaned and repaired only if necessary. Whenever possible, I attempt to bring the doll as closely back to her original presentation in the shops of long ago, without disturbing originality. Dolls left the doll shop in a little girl's arms looking lovely. My dolls are waiting - please take a long look.
I am in the process of Moving to a new state, AZ to SC. I am hoping to sell most of my collection and not transport them across the country. I have enjoyed my dolls and there will always be a doll collection in my home. I know their next owner will appreciate them as much as I have done. Think of making your purchase now. Blessings to everyone and happy shopping. Joanie Nickel