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I treat my customers the same way I would like to be treated, with respect and appreciation. I research every item I list diligently and pack your order carefully and with love.
About Us
Anteeka is all about bringing authentic tribal and ethnic pieces back to life to be loved again and worn again. I like to find unique pieces that will speak to a particular woman, one who is bold and confident.

For me vintage and antique tribal jewelry pieces are exquisite in their balance and use of color. I love to research their origin and their wearers and their now forgotten symbols. They were made with such care, often with very primitive tools. I like to think of Anteeka as contributing to a rescue mission: saving beautiful discarded pieces of jewelry from the dusty shelf and letting them shine again with meaning and a new sense of purpose. My clients vary but most are professional women, travelers who are just fond of strong statement pieces. I have also sold to private collectors, museums and film costume departments.

It started with my own love for the bold beautiful Bedouin tribal pieces. The jewelry bug bit me when I was quite young. As a child, I enthusiastically trailed my mother around the souks in search of unique items of jewelry. As I grew older, I expanded into collecting vintage and antique tribal jewelry from other parts of the world. My collection became too big and I decided to sell some of it. Over seven years ago, I started an online shop. I scour souks, flea markets and antique shops. I go to estate sales and auctions and love to find unique pieces and research their origins and how they were worn. I spend a great deal of time on research. I have online resources as well as books and most importantly, knowledgeable experts whose brains I pick when I reach a dead end in my research. I hope you will like what I've picked out for you.

Customer testimonials:

I've been selling vintage and antique jewelry online for 7 years now. These are some of the things my customers had to say:

This unique coral ring like everything else I've purchased from your amazing shop is just perfect. i cant find words to describe how gorgeous everything is packed with flair and safely to reach their destination unharmed i couldn't be happier than i am with these purchases. thank you so much :)

This one will never make it off my wrist! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I don't know how you could bear to part with this beautiful piece. I'm so pleased with it.

Fabulous! I am quite pleased. Thanks for a nice shopping experience.

One of my new favorites! I love the weighty feel of it. Thanks so much! :)

Arrived so quickly! and it is so beautiful! Thank you so much!

I love the earrings, and you could not find a better seller. I was traveling when I purchased these, and Anteeka was extremely patient with my problems using my account while abroad. I highly recommend this seller: she is careful and the jewelry she carries is beautiful.

Thank you for this rare and unique thing!

One of the most precious pieces ever!!!!!!

I adore this necklace, a piece of my history I will wear for a long time. Than you!

Lovely and exquisite. A piece of history!

Beautiful anklets! They're in mint condition as well as being works of art. Great seller, highly recommended.

Lovely heavy bracelets which fit perfectly