Carol Henry, Glendora, CA

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Where One Man's Trash Truly is Another Man's Treasure

About Another-Mans-Treasure

Hello. I have been selling vintage, new, and unusual items online for 18 years, I have a large inventory, and am consistently taking on new projects and consignments. I love antiques and am happy to find those old treasures new homes. I work in the Real Estate business, and have many years of experience in shipping, packing, researching, and selling my items. I am especially interested in vintage clothing, and have a nice collection of it myself. I got started selling online by selling my own things that I wanted to get rid of. Through my connections in the real estate and estate sale businesses, my online sales have grown substantially in the past 10 years. I have a genuine love of antiques, particularly from the Victorian era, although I am beginning to have a fondness for mid-century décor as well. I love to see these types of items matched with people who will cherish them for years, and generations to come. I believe it is a great way to preserve history. You just never know what you will find...After all...One man's junk really is ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE!