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I would first like to thank Janice Fingado of "JFDesigns" on Rubylane for her ongoing support and friendship. We originally "met" on Rubylane when I saw that she did silversmithing, wirewrapping and precious metal clay. Over 5 years ago I traveled from eastern Canada to Tucson, where she gave me a week of one-on-one silversmithing instruction. She then invited me to the Tucson Gemshow the following year, so we spent 2 glorious weeks shopping for goodies, along with some more instruction and brain-storming. She also loves Ammolite, and is truly a one-of-a-kind lady, much like my gemstones! It is thanks to her that I gained enough confidence to open my shop on Rubylane. I couldn't have done it without her. (BTW, the easiest way to find Janice, is to type "kiss a frog" in the search box!)

You may have noticed by now that my love of jewelry is secondary only to my passion for ammolite – IRIDESCENT FOSSILIZED AMMONITE. I first heard about this stone while on a cruise over 10 years ago. Long after the holiday was over, I realized that I had not even bothered to have a look at what they were talking about, and when I later researched it online, was totally amazed! Ever since then, I have been an ammolite “NUT”, making annual trips to the mining areas to find the best and most affordable materials straight from the source.

Eighteen years of my life were spent in South Africa, returning home with the addition of a young child and one silvery African grey parrot named Henry, whom we have had for 30 years. In 2008 we added Honey to our family, a fun-loving blue fronted Amazon parrot, who has places to go and things to do – contrary to those most unfortunate ammonites trapped in Alberta’s Bear Paw Sea 65-75 million years ago, destined to perish and later fossilize into some of the most spectacular colors and patterns imaginable.

In my eyes, the beauty of ammolite is reminiscent of the many colors found in Honey’s feathers. There is hardly a color on one stone or another that you will not find somewhere on his feathery frame. I see a combination of my two birds in many of my pieces – the beauty of Honey’s vibrant colors, surrounded by Henry’s fine silvery hues. Ammolite is also known as the Canadian Opal, although its properties are more similar to pearls than opal. Being as ammolite cutters cannot entirely agree on a grading system, I do not officially grade my stones. The pictures hopefully speak for themselves, and stones are better judged by personal preference, along with my comments on each individual piece.

Rather than take up your time with a lot of trivia on ammolite, do yourself a favor and search online - you will find enough info to keep you busy for hours. Suffice it to say that it is one of the most fascinating and beautiful fossils on earth, with the bonus of being indigenous to Canada. In 1981 it was given official gemstone status, and is deemed to be the rarest gem on earth. There is the distinct possibility of it being mined out within the next 20 years, so consider it an investment as well as a magnificent piece of jewelry. I no longer use the 925 stamp due to strict Canadian regulations. Apparently only registered jewelers are allowed this privilege, but I can assure you that my silver comes solely from highly reputable companies. All of my ammolite is guaranteed genuine, but it is important that you read the care instructions.

Although ammolite is my all-time favorite, from time to time I may offer other interesting gemstones. I am drawn to the more unusual stones – ones that are not seen every day, or those that attract attention by merit of their uniqueness. No two gemstones will be the same – each is truly “one of a kind” - in shape, size or color. You will receive the exact item shown, including the “token” chain, cord or cable shown in the pictures. At an extra cost, you have the option to buy a solid silver, 14K gold filled, or braided leather cord with sterling clasp at wholesale prices. Due to the light refraction needed to show off colors in ammolite, pendants look best high up the neckline. I find a 16” chain works best for me, but not everyone can wear that length. I have longer lengths in token chains or cords, and will do my very best to accommodate your request.

In closing, I look forward to sharing my passion for this intriguing and beautiful gemstone, and welcome any questions you may have. Please visit my store on Etsy also called "AmmoliteRainbows". The items are totally different from the ones here on Rubylane. Happy Browsing!