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About American Art

Our Service Pledge
Each item is guaranteed to be by the artist, and from the date or period indicated.
We stand behind every single object sold with a personal guarantee that they are exactly as described.
If we cannot ascertain the authorship of an object, it will be clearly sold “in the manner of”.
If your opinion is that the art piece you received does not correspond to its description or has significant flaws not indicated and/or shown on the photographs, you will have two weeks to request a FULL ITEM AND SHIPPING COSTS REFUND. This means that we will even refund YOUR shipping costs if the mistake was ours. If we believe your request is not substantiated, you will still receive a complete refund of the ITEM ALONE (NOT any shipping costs) upon receipt by us of the returned item in its original condition.
About Us
American Art presents unique works of art that define America. We offer American Art lovers around the world a selection of genuine and unique objects of art about which you can say: This is America!

Since we moved to France we have logically been offering more and more French and European art, always looking for exquisite taste at reasonable prices.

The heart of our collection and the object of our regular exhibitions remains Classic American Illustration Art: the most American of American art, and ridiculously undervalued, especially when compared to the market for French illustration and comic art. Classic American Illustration Art offers art collectors a chance to own a share of American cultural heritage that speaks to us in a way mainstream art rarely does, and at a fraction of the cost of an original piece of mainstream art.

Every piece in our collection tells a story that can be placed within the great American narrative. Some of their voices are bound to resonate in you as they did in us, but because each is the unique three-dimensional creation of an artist's hand and mind, their aura is only revealed in person.

American Art owner Jacques Protat, PhD, has developed over the years a wide area of expertise in American Art, through education, personal research and teaching. His academic research as well as a deep personal interest in art have led to a coherent vision of what defines American Art. Beyond mere quality and originality, he has chosen to collect and deal primarily in illustration art, which is so uniquely American that it partakes of our very understanding of what America is about. "It all started as a personal collection, until I found there was nothing else I would rather do to make a living than share with the world my passion for the genius of American Art."

French business ID: SIRET # 534 092 853 00025

We just love satisfied customers!

  • Vladimir, from Hertfordshire, UK:
    Hello Jacques, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the painting you sent me and I am very pleased with it, it is very charming.
    I would like to thank you for your excellent and very professional service.

  • Ulrike, of Berlin, Germany
    Thank you for the wonderful picture in perfect packaging - I am very happy with it all.

  • Tom, of Wells, Maine:
    Painting Received In Good Order Monday 2/2/15....As Described...Just Beautiful... Great Packaging (I Liked The Easy Grab Tape Tabs....Good Idea)
    Thanks For a Smooth Transaction, Tom
    Is There Place For Feedback On Ruby Lane? I Could Post There Also.

  • Veva, of Springfield, VA:
    It was a pleasure purchasing from you, and I absolutely adore the painting! Thanks so much!

  • Dolores, of Forest Hills NY:
    Dear Jacques, I opened her and she is absolutely beautiful!!! Arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for the wonderful music [The box included a musical surprise!]. That was very thoughtful. James Porter is great!
    My very best,
    PS : a truly perfect transaction.

  • Diana, of Melrose Park, IL:
    Hi Jacques,
    I just received the watercolor today. It's wonderful. I just love it. The colors are so vivid. Thank you so much for the careful packaging I really appreciate it. I look forward to many future purchases from your shop.
    Thanks again.

  • Chuck, of Colorado Springs:
    The Von Schmidt has arrived safely. It is truly a wonderful piece. I feel very fortunate to get this piece.

  • Muriel, of Georgia (USA):
    I just finished opening them; you did a wonderful job of packing them…they arrived in beautiful shape, no damage. They are really, really lovely! I think they are even better than I expected. I’m looking forward to purchasing from you again soon.


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