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Highly collectible and decorative antiques (glazed potteries, woodwork, polychrome, wrought iron, tools...)

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Genuine quality items including rare antiques coming directly from old Alsatian farms

About Alsace Antiques

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Alsace Antiques wants to help you build your collection or acquire that typical decoration for your home. Our research facilities are extensive and we guarantee our descriptions to be accurate and our merchandise to be authentic.
About Us

On my shop you have the opportunity of buying genuine antiques mostly coming from peasants families that have been keeping folklore treasures in their cellar or annex for generations..."Treasures" in my mouth do not mean golden or shining items but sincere authenticity, sometimes meaning raw, natural and crude items.

Most of the items I am offering are typical Alsatian ones but I also often have the occasion to acquire more traditional French antiques.

Some of the items I will be selling are very uncommon, even for people living in Alsace.

First of all, let me just introduce you about my homeland and its remarkable folklore I want to share with connoisseurs.


Alsace (Elsass in German) is a tiny region of France well hidden between the Vosges mountains and the Black mountains (Schwarzwald, on the German side). The Rhine river is flowing in the middle and is now the frontier between Alsace and Germany. Its capital and main city is Strasbourg, well known for its cathedral - the tallest monument of the world for centuries - and Christmas market.
The historical language of Alsace is Alsatian, similar to Germanic and Franconian dialects spoken in Lorraine and across the Rhine, but today practically all Alsatians speak French and young people do not speak german anymore whereas their culture is truly german. This is due to a tragic history that can not be summed up in a few lines. For that reason, when an antique such a wardrobe was signed or a sentence written on it, this was always in German language and not in French because half a century ago no one but the social elite was able to speak in Molière's tongue.

Alsace has been for a long time a rich region. Nature gave us a lot (good wine - our famous wine-road -, a great farmland...) and our peasants have been fantastic architects, creating wonderful half-timbered houses. Nowadays traditions are a bit disappearing even if Alsace still looks like a postcard. Peasantry almost does not exist anymore and venerable half-timbered houses are often destroyed for modern ones. During the 60' and 70' a lot of antiques have just been destroyed or even burned (alcoves, wardrobes, woodworks...). Most Alsatians have today no idea of how outstanding is their popular culture which is paradoxically very appreciated abroad for its charming naivety and savoir-faire with marvelous colours. Items such as potteries, cake molds, plates, peasants tools are very decorative but can often still be used for cooking or serving beverage even if they are antique ones !


The villages of Soufflenheim and Betschdorf were the main producers of the typical alsacian potteries but the truth is that in every area of the region such glazed potteries were also produced (Saverne, Obernai, Barr, Sélestat, Colmar, Mulhouse...). Hailing from fire and earth, the culinary potteries from Soufflenheim built their reputation a long time ago. Its yellow/orange "terre vernissee" color is very original but other colors exist. In Betschdorf, potters are manufacturing since 1717, and still do it in the traditional way. It is a salt glaze stoneware in blue color. The most beautiful ones have birds or sophisticated symbols painted on them. The rarest ones are not only drawn, they are engraved.
Nevertheless, not only potteries exist. Polychromes and woodwork such as fantastic chairs, benches, trunks are an other part of the story but they are quite hard to send overseas as they are too big for a standard international package.
Alsace also used to have very typical costumes and Alsace table-clothes or duvet covers made in flax with beautiful red and blue colors.

I am a 30 years old man born in Alsace who grew up in a farm. I have political science and history diplomas but first of all I am captivated by my traditional folk culture. My aim with this shop is to share with you a part of this Alsatian culture by selling a few items to people living thousand miles away but are truly interested in those antiques that deserve respect.

In my shop I will mostly deal with mid XIXth items but it can also happen that I have renaissance antiques from the XVIIth or interesting objects from the beginning of the XXth century. Hardly ever, I may offer you some contemporary pieces that I think are interesting ones. Anyway, I will try to make good explanations despite of my scholar english. Some items I have, especially potteries, are very rare.
Moreover if you are looking for special items, feel free to ask me.

I have a strong network and relationships across Alsace and a real experience in "hunting" local antiques. It does not mean that my prices will be especially expensive. On the contrary, I work locally and I do not have to pay anyone to find pieces.

I know that a purchase on the Internet is a trust question, so I describe my items in all conscience and try to make photographs that are descriptive. I will not hesitate to show you fissures on a jug, it happens sometimes with older ones but I do not want you to be disappointed.

Of course, satisfying you is also my interest. As the items I am selling can be very old they are never like "new" ones. They are marked by the past and to my mind this is not always a good solution to repair them or try to hide their defaults. I prefer to sell them with their little own story !


1) Payment :
- by paypal to Email Shop, this is the fastest and easiest way.
- by traditional wire/bank transfer after agreement about bank fees (send me an e-mail before).
- by cash / money order but I do not recommend it to you (these options are risky or expensive, send me an e-mail before).

I always send you a confirmation e-mail after receiving payment and give you details about when your package will be sent.

2) Package and shipping :
- Shipping is mentionned at the end of the description of the item for North America and Europe. Exceptions could be expensive and bulky items but I will precise in their description that you need to get in touch before to discuss with me about shipping issues.
- Please consider, local custom fees, if necessary, are to be paid by the recipient on arrival.
- Usually the package is sent one or two days after receiving the payment in international registered shipping.
- Delay for shipping to the USA is about one week.
- I can combine shipping if you buy several items : ask me about the total amount by e-mail.

There might be extra fees for other countries so if you are Japanese, Chinese, South American, Autralian, African...please send me an e-mail and I will give you the information.

3) If you are not pleased with your Ruby Lane purchase, simply contact
me by email or phone within 3 days of delivery of your item to arrange for its return and a refund of the purchase price. I will acknowledge your return request within 3 days and you will ship the item back to the shop within 3 days of the acknowledgement.

4) Staying in touch : I tell you when the item is sent, please tell me when you receive it and if you are satisfied. I will be glad to know if it has found a place in your home or if you even tried to cook something with it as it could happen with culinary potteries !

Anyway, feel free to ask your questions to Email Shop for information.

Kind regards, mit Elsässichen Grüssen, bien à vous,