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We will respond to all orders or offers within 24 hours.
About Us
Hi, We are Allice and Mark.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal and we are committed to making your buying experience a happy one.

We currently accept PayPal as a form of payment, but will consider other types of payments.

SHIPPING: Clicking on "SHIPPING INFO" on the right side of any ITEM page will tell you how much Shipping and Handling will be for that item. Make sure the shipping destination has the correct zip code. Shipping is calculated by the Postal ZIP CODE, for Priority Mail Domestic Service, with your Zone, Packaged Weight of the item, and the measurement of the package. We ONLY SHIP TO THE USA (ALL 50 STATES)------No International Shipping. The price quoted for shipping will be PRIORITY MAIL unless your package is under 13 ounces in which case the shipping will be First Class Parcel. I ship with Free USPS Tracking and Delivery Confirmation. Your item will be insured at NO extra cost to you. USPS Priority Mail automatically includes insurance for items valued at $50 or less.
We will work out the best way to package the item with your approval.
We will respond to your order within 2-24 hours in most cases and usually ship in 24 - 48 hours after payment. Our shipping days are Monday through Friday.

Inquiries about my items are welcome. Reasonable offers are considered.

We like to do extensive research into our items to offer the most correct information possible. We also welcome any feedback from other vendors or shoppers.

OUR HISTORY: Although our history as a couple is relatively short, the journey to opening this store began many years ago.
Allice and her mother began buying and selling antiques and other unique items out of her home about 25 years ago as a way to support herself as a single mother while holding down a full time job.
Her eye for finding unique and valuable items brought her great success and she was able to eventually open her own shop. Her success allowed her to purchase a home on her own and raise her daughter in a great environment.
When we met about 6 years ago, Allice had also opened and operated a very successful eBay business. She showed Mark the ropes and introduced him to the world of buying and selling.
Mark’s current full time job in the travel industry allows us to find fun and unique items from all over the world.
As trends come and go, we have done well to focus on and find items that are popular, and we have an inventory of some very amazing pieces.
Our mission going forward is to take advantage of Allice’s ability to find those unique pieces and put them in our store.
We believe that Ruby Lane will be a venue where we can continue to offer these amazing items to people who are looking for them.