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Jeanne McCullagh, Ny, NY

A former Ruby Lane gold rated shop owner, I have returned to Ruby Lane with new ideas and new designs.

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Quality designer jewelry that feels as good to look at, as it does to wear.

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I go to great lengths to accurately describe and photograph each piece on the web site. Please shop with confidence knowing that I stand behind my work and guarantee every purchase.

Your relationship with Alameda Studios doesn't end with the shipment of your jewelry. If you have an issue with anything you have purchased, please contact me.
About Us
I am a jewelry designer who enjoys creating unique designs with an eye for balance and wearability. I am a stickler for details and feel that that shows in every piece I make. Much time and thought go into the creation of each piece as every design demands individual effort and thought. I rarely create more than one of an item, although some pieces may be closely replicated if requested, but you can be assured that the bracelet necklace or earrings you choose are yours alone and as individual a thing as you are.

I believe the wearing of accessories is a reflection of who you are and how you choose to present yourself to the world. Your choice of artisan jewelry is an outward expression of your love of art and a peek inside what stirs your soul. I am honored that my jewelry adorns the necks, wrists and ears of so many unique women, and strive to continue to create pieces that not only stir, but ignite your souls.

All artisan jewelry is not created equal. Alameda Studios provides quality and originality in wearable art that feels as good to look at as it does to wear.

A Note About The New Designs

My daughter got married last year. We used birch bark arrangements for the centerpieces which all came home with us after the event. I just couldn't throw all that beautiful birch away. I saved it thinking there must be some use for it. I started playing with it, intrigued by the patterns that were revealed as each new layer of bark was removed. I made plant containers, wall hangings, and The process includes first drying, cleaning, and flattening the birch. Next each piece is inspected and chosen for a specific use. I let nature dictate much of what you see in the designs. Some areas want to peel, some want to be torn, some are rough and beautiful with natural holes in the bark, others are carefully cut and sanded to produce a 'cleaner' look. I've enjoyed working with this medium immensely. I don't know yet whether this will be a limited line or if I will continue to find resources for more bark, but I hope the new pieces will be well received and enjoyed.
You will continue to find original designs made from lamp work and gemstones on the site as well.

Best, Jeanne
Jeanne McCullagh
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