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Zack Wang, Singapore Singapore
Antique Jade, Porcelain, Coins and Other Treasures
Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2019

Beautiful & Genuine Artifacts from Asia and Beyond 红豆生南国,此物最相思

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About Us
I am a lover of history and culture, and have been a passionate antique collector since 11 years old. Being disconnected with heritage and culture makes one feel hallow inside. That is why I took every opportunity to continue to build up my own collection of antiques and vintage items. Now, many years on, I am ready to share them with you!

小學時,深深愛上了歷史和傳統文化。 出國之後整日為生計奔波,尤其懷念古玩市場淘寶的日子... 於是無論在國內外總是留意收集,終於有了可觀的收藏。我想,是否也有像我一樣眷戀故國的遊子呢?我想和你們分享我的珍寶,讓這些歷史的見​​證來到你身邊,或能稍稍緩釋思鄉和孤單,陪你在天涯海角繼續闖蕩。