absolutely Coral Dee!

Coral Dee, Cottonwood CA

I enjoy using Agates and Jaspers in my designs. Sprinkle in sparkling Crystal and you will find my unique Sassy creations.

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Whisper "I Love You" to a Butterfly and it will fly to Heaven to deliver your message...


About absolutely Coral Dee!

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I respond to all orders within 24 hours and guarantee the description of the items shown based on my experience and research.
About Us
You may notice, after reading about some of my pieces it appears I have an interest in Stones and Crystals and their Metaphysical traits. Throughout the ages Minerals and gems have been used for many different purposes. Whether these traits truthfully ascribe to different beliefs and traditions is yet to be proven. But it is pleasure to add a tidbit of fun fact to many of my descriptions. Please enjoy this information with a grain of salt. Stay awhile and peruse at your leisure. Tell your friends.

And, as always, I Thank You for choosing absolutely Coral Dee!