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Now some items are $3 shipping to Mainland USA. $5.00 shipping on Most orders to the USA!

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*I can guarantee that everything I create are my own designs and are NOT mass produced. If you see something you like and it has already sold, contact me. I will attempt to recreate the item, but will not be able to guarantee an exact duplication.
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Now $3.00 shipping to Mainland United States on some smaller type items; earrings, simple bracelets and some light-weight, single strand necklaces. (However, due to the reduced price, no "fancy" gift packaging will be included)

With every full price purchase a donation is made to Moose Charities. Shop knowing a fantastic group will benefit.

Many of the Necklaces offered for purchase
will have matching earrings included at no extra cost!
Two for the price of one!
Check the description to see if your purchase will have this special savings.

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Jaspers, Agates, Crystal and Glass. These natural and man-made items come in beautiful colors and interesting shapes which add that extra "POP" of sparkle to my designs. Sprinkle in a few semi-precious gemstones and you will find unique Sassy creations designed exclusively for you, by me, Coral Dee.

You may notice, after reading about some of my pieces it appears I have an interest in Stones and Crystals and their Metaphysical traits. Throughout the ages Minerals and gems have been used for many different purposes. Whether these traits truthfully ascribe to different beliefs and traditions is yet to be proven. But it is pleasure to add a tidbit of fun fact to many of my descriptions. Please enjoy this information with a grain of salt.

If multiplies of items are needed, special made items or want a design that has already been sold...email me
and we can discuss the possibilities of making your every wish come true.