A Whole Different Animal

Karen Lewis, Pewaukee WI

Member since 2018

About A Whole Different Animal


We are presenting a unique and special collection of both vintage and antique animal pieces.

For us the expression "A Whole Different Animal" has evolved to mean a whole new category of something or another. We've tried to present a wide variety of items across the breadth of the animal kingdom. From our earliest days we have had wonderful pets primarily from the canine and equine families. While there is beauty and magic in our closest animal partners - there is as much and sometimes much more in the wild world... Artisans throughout the centuries have created wonderful representations of the wild.

Here you will find a variety of mediums, porcelains, metals, wood, and wall art items. We have stocked only items that have resonated with us for their beauty, charm or humor. We have found these pieces in a number of places primarily estate sales and have assembled them here for you to find something to fill an animal lover's empty spot, whether it is a gift or will be your very own. We can honestly say we have not put anything up that we would not have loved to display in our own home - but alas the time for dusting... and the budget for shelf-space and square footage don't extend to cover the wonderful things we can find in the world.

We have tried to provide whatever information we can about each and every piece. We will provide whatever information came with the item, and any additional discoveries we have made as well.

Finally, we cannot pledge that we might not offer an occasional unique offering that is non-animal, then the expression "a whole different animal" applies.