A Romantic Time

Alison Schroeer
Thompson , CT
We Specialize in Finding and Re-homing Treasures from the Past!
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since 2019

Antique & Vintage Jewelry, and Objects of Art from Days Gone By


About A Romantic Time

A piece of well-made jewelry is wearable art, and the items in my shop are chosen for their beauty, workmanship, and the delight I felt when I first saw them. They're small pieces of sculpture, whose appearance changes in different light, with adjacent textiles, and with the person whom they adorn.

This shop represents the culmination of a life-long obsession with antique jewelry, art, and beautiful things in general. I love discovering treasures from days past, and helping them on their journey to appreciative new homes where they'll be cherished, as they deserve!
Alison Schroeer
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