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Ruby Lane's Search service helps you find Antiques & Art . Dolls . Vintage Collectibles . Jewelry items from all of Ruby Lane's shops. You tell us what you're looking for by typing in keywords in the search area. We respond by giving you a list of all the items that are in our index containing those keywords. If you select one of the items, you are taken to the Ruby Lane shop that has the item that interests you.

Ruby Lane uses a sophisticated keyword matching system for all searches to provide quality, relevant results. For example, a search for "doll" automatically does a search for "dolls", and vica versa. The search also provides a wide range of qualifiers, such as "dolls not houses" or "dolls or figurines".

If a search yields very few or no items, we check for spelling errors in the keywords and try to suggest an alternative spelling. Keep in mind that this only works for dictionary words, so it may not be helpful for misspelled proper nouns.

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Here are some examples of how you might find Antique Dolls:

If your Search keywords are ... you'll find ...
antique doll
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items that contain words like antique and also words like doll.

This is a restrictive search since both words like antique and doll must be in the item before it is found.

antique or doll
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items that contain words like antique or words like doll.

This matches all items that contain keywords like antique or keywords like doll, so you can expect some items that you won't want, such as antique furniture or a doll house.

antique* doll*
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items that contain words starting with antique and words starting with doll.

This is usually not required since we try to find similar keywords for you automatically without using a *

antique not doll
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items that contain words like antique, but not words like doll.

This is a good way to exclude items from your search results that you are not interested in. In this case you don't want to see any antique dolls. You can also put a minus sign ("-") in front of any keyword to exclude keywords in your search

"antique doll"
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items that contain the word antique immediately followed by the word doll.

The is the most restrictive search because the item must have the phrase "antique doll" before it is found. We still try variations, so "antique dolls" would be found, but "doll antiques" would not.

antique and (doll or figure)
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items that contain words like antique and also words like doll or words like figure.

Here you are searching for antique dolls or antique figures.

Search hints
  • If you get too many results, try adding more keywords to your search, or use the "search within" feature if browsing by category to narrow the results.

  • If you use a minus (-) before a keyword to exclude a word, make sure there is a space before the minus, but no space between the minus and your keyword.