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Fearfully Fun

Forget about snuggle bunnies and cute kittens and puppies! Halloween is the time to celebrate some of the creepy, crawly, scarier members of the world of fine plush animals.
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The Mystique of the Marotte

Whether called a Jester-Stick, Fool's Bauble, Whirling Musical Toy, Folie, or Party Fancy the Marotte has brought a smile to people young and old for centuries. Today's collectors can enjoy the 19th century and early 20th century commercially made pieces or enjoy modern artisan made examples.
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The Dolls of Nippon

For many years the dolls of the late 19th and early 20th century marked "Nippon," were largely overlooked in favor of European and American made dolls. However, today we have a better understanding of their importance in the history of dolls and a new appreciation for these products.
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Thinking Inside the Box

Room boxes are a delightful way to enjoy crafting and collecting miniatures. Read about some of the American forerunners of the artisans and enthusiasts enjoying this aspect of the hobby of doll collecting.
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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the stove is the heart of the kitchen. For generations stoves have provided heat to warm the body, dry the laundry and cook the food. The variety of designs employed in this most useful appliance can be seen in the array of stoves made for use in dollhouses and as children's toys.
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The Dolls of Martha Chase

Pawtucket, RI resident Martha Jencks Chase founded a company that transitioned from its beginnings as a cottage industry to a becoming a business with customers around the world, lasting almost 100 years.
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Hats Off to Bonnet-Heads

Dolls with molded hats have been made of many materials through the years and can be a fascinating niche in the world of doll collecting.
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Here's Tammy™

Ideal created a world of play opportunity with their Tammy doll and her family and friends. Read about them in our blog Here's Tammy.
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A Perfect Union

Dolls in bridal-wear have long held a place in the hearts of collectors, symbolizing love and serving as tangible remembrances of one of life's most important events.
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Sharing Our Hobby – Kimport Dolls

World Doll Day was established in 1984 to use dolls as a means to foster love, understanding and a sense of community within the world. These worthy goals were not new to 1984. In fact, a number of doll collecting notables had been doing their part to foster these same goals for decades. One such influence was that of Ruby Short McKim and her family-operated company called Kimport Dolls.
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The Mother of the Kewpies

In the early 20th century a dynamic young illustrator gave birth to her most famous creation, the Kewpies.
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Peg-Jointed Woodens

After more than 200 years peg-jointed wooden dolls are still being collected, made and enjoyed today.
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