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The Origins of the Ginny Doll

The post- world War II era in the USA saw a time of relative peace and prosperity for much of society. Adults who had grown up in the shadow of the Great Depression and who had lived through the war years found themselves in a new world. There was a surge in commerce and home building and a baby boom was underway as people resumed their pursuit of the American dream. In Massachusetts a home-maker named Jennie Graves took her love of dolls and fashion, and created a doll company which would eventually develop one of the most popular dolls of the mid-20th century, Ginny.
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Patterns for Success

For those looking for appropriate antique or vintage clothing for their dolls or looking to sew for their dolls, commercially made doll clothes patterns are a perfect guide for the collector.
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Georgene Averill – A Designing Mind

Georgene Averill was the driving force behind the dolls bearing the names Georgene Novelties and Madame Hendron and for the products of the early years of the Averill Manufacturing Company. Her dolls impacted the entire doll industry and brought success to this pioneering female American doll designer.
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Playing Among the Stars

Many child stars of the Golden Era of film were captured in photos playing with the dolls of their day. Both child and adult stars were often depicted in doll form. These connections to the glittering world of the big screen form a special bond between movie enthusiasts and doll collectors of the 21st century.
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Armand Marseille

At the turn of the 20th century Armand Marseille was the largest manufacturer of bisque doll heads. For over 60 years his company would supply heads to a variety of German doll makers and wholesalers in Europe and America. His line included dolly-faced dolls, characters and googlies.
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Lenci Art Dolls

The art dolls made under the Lenci name were among some of the most beautiful and innovative dolls to come out of the first half of the 20th century.
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In Celebration of Nurses

In the past 12 months we have all experienced a renewal of gratitude and respect for those who work in the field of nursing. Many of these dedicated individuals can trace their desire to care for others to their days playing with Nurse dolls.
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Betsy McCall Dolls

For half a century Betsy McCall won the hearts of children both on the printed page and in the playroom. Today she holds a place in the pantheon of 20th century American dolls.
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Parian Perfection

Admired, debated and eagerly sought the "So-called Parian" dolls of the 19th century continue to enthrall collectors as perfect little images of a by-gone world.
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The Dolls of Christmas Past

Charles Dickens wrote about the Ghost of Christmas Past but for many of us it is the Dolls of Christmas Past that linger in our hearts and minds. The holiday catalogs of the 1940s, '50s, '60s, and '70s were the stuff of dreams for many a doll lover. It's never too late to relive those happy memories while holiday shopping today!
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Best Cuddly Friends Forever

Whether cherished childhood friends or new friends collected in our more grown-up years the feelings engendered by our Teddy Bears are as warm and fuzzy as the bears themselves. As we head towards the holiday season, we take time to remember why we love them so.
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Fearfully Fun

Forget about snuggle bunnies and cute kittens and puppies! Halloween is the time to celebrate some of the creepy, crawly, scarier members of the world of fine plush animals.
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