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Question Title Everything you want to know about the Ruby Red Tag Sale
What is the Ruby Red Tag Sale?
The Ruby Red Tag Sale is a special sale that Ruby Lane runs several times throughout the year.

When does Ruby Lane announce the sales?
Ruby Lane announces upcoming Ruby Red Tag Sales to shops approximately one week prior to the sale.

How much of my inventory can I put in the sale?
Participating shops will have until the sale starts to add up to 15% of their in shop inventory to the sale. Only items available for sale in the shop are used when calculating the 15%. Items in the Backroom or items marked Sale Pending or Sold are not used for calculating.

Does the site-wide Return Policy apply to Ruby Red Tag Sale items?

Do minimum price requirements apply to items being offered as part of the sale?

How do I add an item to the Ruby Red Tag Sale?
  • Go to Shop Owners' Home and under the Promotions section click on Add Items to Ruby Red Tag Sale.
  • Click to add a check mark to the box in the Add to Red Tag Sale column next to each item you would like to add to the sale. 
Note: Items are automatically added/removed from the sale as check-boxes are selected/deselected.
When I add an item to the Ruby Red Tag Sale do I change the price myself?
To participate in the Ruby Red Tag Sale, add your item to the sale at its regular price.

The system will then automatically reduce the price of all the items at the beginning of the sale.

Then, at the end of the sale, the system will return the price of any unsold items to the pre-sale prices.

Note: Shops are advised that it is considered poor practice and against the spirit of the Ruby Red Tag Sale to raise item prices in the weeks before a sale. A Ruby Red Tag Sale is a special event and shop participation is optional. Items which are offered for sale during these occasions should be genuine reductions, as may be defined under Federal, State and/or Local laws or regulations regarding Trade Practices and Consumer Protection.

It is also a poor practice to sell an item which has been submitted to the Sale at the sale price before the actual event, as it is not considerate to shoppers who eagerly and patiently wait for the start of the sale.

Shops that practice raising prices to participate in the sale may be prohibited from participating in future Ruby Red Tag Sales

How will buyers know that an item is in the sale?
Items added to the sale will be designated with a Ruby Red Tag Sale icon. References to the sale should not be added to item titles or descriptions, and may be considered keyword spam.

Can I use 'Red Tag' wording to promote item listings for an individual sale in my shop?
Using 'Red Tag' in listings for items which are not part of a site-wide Ruby Red Tag Sale is confusing for shoppers both during and outside these special site events and is not permitted for this reason.

Ruby Lane provides shops with options for advertising item sales inside their individual shops and you may select one of the four site-approved Sale or Reduced Price display options available under the section headed 'How shall we display it?' located on the Modify Item form.
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