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Question Title How do I subscribe to Paid Featuring in my shop?
To subscribe to Paid Featuring, visit your shop's Featuring page, available from your Shop Owners' Home, or the drop-down shop navigation menu at the top right of any Ruby Lane page. Choose from the four sections on the banner menu.

Paid Featuring Status
View your current Paid Featuring status. You'll find the specific Featured Lanes, as well as the dates that the Featuring subscription is scheduled to end.

Featuring Subscriptions & Item Selections
Items need to be selected for Featuring before Paid or Free Featuring can be used.
Each Lane is represented on a separate tab. Click the tab for any Lane and the items you have listed in that Lane will be displayed.

Selecting items:
Check the box for the items you wish to use for Featuring.
To streamline item selection, you are able to include the thumbnail pictures of items, items that have completed Advanced Image Processing (AIP), and categories. To refine your selections further, type words, letters or numbers in the Filter Items tool to see only items that include specific text.

Note: Simply checking/unchecking the box selects/deselects an item. Your selections are automatically saved.

To subscribe to Paid Featuring, the requirements need to be met for that Lane, and at least one item must be selected to be Featured.

Subscribing to Featuring:
At the top of each Lane tab you will see the expandable subscription section link for Paid Featuring options.

> Show/Hide Ruby Lane Home page and Lane Home page Featuring Information.

When expanded, the section displays the Requirements and Current Featuring Status in order to be Featured in that Lane. If you have not met the requirements for a Lane, the subscription function for that Lane is disabled.

Your shop's Current Balance is displayed with a handy link to your shop's Fund Account page.

Featured Shop Report
Displays important notes and policies on Featuring, and outlines your Shop Feature Status.

Today's Featured Shops
Displays a list all of the shops Featured in any Lane.
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