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Question Title How can I earn Free Featuring for a Lane and what are the criteria to make the Today's Featured Shops list?
Required to earn Free Featuring:
  1. Shop must sell Exclusively on Ruby Lane
  2. Add at least 7 new items in one Lane within a 7 day period
Required for featuring on Lane Home pages:
  1. 10 or more items in your shop for that Lane
  2. At least 1 item selected from that Lane tab on the Featuring Subscriptions & Item Selections section of your Featuring page
Your shop will remain featured regardless of whether one or more of the items sell. Items that are removed or placed in your backroom do not count towards featuring.

To be featured on Ruby Lane's Home Page, you must use Paid Featuring.

See the detailed Featured Shop report from your Shop Owners' Home page for details about Featuring and your shop.

It is not possible to determine if you are on the featured shop list simply by clicking Refresh in your browser on the Ruby Lane Home page, or on a Lane page, due to the dynamic nature of Ruby Lane. The list of featured shops is updated throughout the day, allowing shops that use Paid Featuring, or have qualified for Free Featuring to start being featured right away.
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