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Question Title What are Home Image & Item Backgrounds on my Shop Info page?
The new site design introduces some exciting features to your shop. In addition to the new Shop Home page, you now have greater control over how you want your shop to appear to customers.

The Home Image and Item Backgrounds pages for your shop can be accessed via your Shop Info or Shop Owners' Home page.

How and where will my processed images display?
Advanced Image Processing streamlines the look of the Ruby Lane site, since all item images that have been processed will use the same background on the Ruby Lane Home and Lane Home pages.

Items are always displayed within your shop using the background you selected on your Item Backgrounds page.

Home Image
Your Home Image is situated on your Shop Home page as the background image for your Shop Information. Selecting an item is easy as clicking on any of the items displayed on the page. Once the item is highlighted with a red background, you are finished.

Random rotation from your Featured Items: A random selection from your Featured Items will be picked for your Shop Home Image. You can choose a position and background color which will apply to all images.

Select items for rotation: Select up to 5 images from your inventory, which will be displayed in sequence in your Shop Heading. For each image, you can adjust the position and background color.

Use images from your Shop FTP Area: Select up to 5 images that you have uploaded to your Shop FTP Area. We recommend using high resolution images, at least 900 pixels wide. See our FAQ What is FTP and how can I use it to add images to my items? for more information on how to use your FTP area.

Note: Provided you do not change your Home Image, the item you select will continue to be displayed, even if the item is Sale Pending, Sold or Removed from your shop at a later date.
  • Position: This setting allows you to choose which portion of the item photograph you want displayed. Click the up/down arrows to move the viewable portion of your featured item up or down within the Home Image area.
  • Backgrounds: You can also choose the background shown around or behind the Home Image. Choose from Transparent (default), Black, White, or various color gradients. You can experiment until you find the one you like best. To choose, simply click the background and when a border appears, your selection is made. Backgrounds can only be changed for images that have been processed with Advanced Image Processing.

Item Backgrounds
Advanced Image Processing removes the backgrounds on your item images, allowing you to have some control over the backgrounds displayed on the item in your shop.
  • Preview: Use these item images to sample how your items will look with the background you select.
  • Backgrounds: Similar to choosing the Home Image background, just click the background and when a border appears, you're finished. A frame using your chosen background color will appear around the remainder of your item images.
Backgrounds can only be changed for images that have completed Advanced Image Processing. Only one background may be selected for all of the images in your shop. Backgrounds cannot be changed on a individual item basis.
Note: There is no Save or Update button for the features described above. Once you have made your changes, you may simply navigate to another page or close your browser window.

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