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Question Title Does Ruby Lane permit the sale of items made from Ivory?

In April of 2012 we advised all shops about a recent update to the California penal code that officially bans the sale of items made from many endangered species of any age and type, especially items made of ivory. The California Department of Fish and Game has begun active enforcement of California Penal Code Sections 653o and 653p, which prohibits the sale, or possession with the intent to sell those items. This is a reminder to all shops that this code remains in place, and is being enforced.

A Reminder to Shops That Sell Ivory

If you are a California-based Ruby Lane shop that offers ivory items for sale in your shop, this is a reminder that it is illegal to do so regardless of whether it is offered online. To remain in compliance with the California law, items of any type that cannot be legally sold or traded cannot be listed on Ruby Lane, and if listed are subject to immediate removal by Ruby Lane.

No New Ivory Listings

Effective immediately, no new ivory items (of any age or type) may be listed on Ruby Lane. Ivory items already listed in your shop that are within compliance of the law may remain in your Ruby Lane shop for now. However the listing of new ivory items within your shop is prohibited regardless of where your shop is located.

Reminder to Check Your Local State Laws

This is also a reminder that it is now considered a crime if you are not in California, but you sell an ivory item to someone who is located in California. If you sell ivory items in your shop, we highly recommend that you check your individual state laws. If the sale of ivory is illegal in your state, you must remove these items from your shop immediately. Items that are not removed are subject to flagging and subsequent removal.

The Future of Ivory Items Offered on Ruby Lane

As we stated in April, it is likely that other states will follow California to enact similar laws, which will require Ruby Lane to update its site-wide guidelines to permanently disallow the sale of all ivory items on the site. We urge shops to plan accordingly.

Additional Resources:

The Annotated California Penal Code can be found here.

If you haven't already done so, you can also read about ivory and endangered species laws on the Ruby Lane Quality Assurance Board

We urge all shops to take this updated California law very seriously. Be sure you take the time to make the necessary changes to your shop's inventory to remain in full compliance with the law.

Please note that Ruby Lane Customer Support is unable to offer further advice, or assistance on this topic. As a shop owner it is your responsibility to fully understand the laws surrounding the items that you choose to offer for sale.

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