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Question Title How long are transactions stored on my Manage Transactions page and can I store them longer?
Transactions are stored for a total of 15 months. For the first 12 months they are stored on your current Manage Transactions page.  They are then moved to the Temporarily Deleted area of the Manage Transactions page for another 3 months before being permanently deleted from the system.

To access the Temporarily Deleted records:
  • On your Manage Transactions page, locate 'Displaying Current Transactions.  Change to Display Temporarily Deleted' below Pending Transactions on the left.
  • Click on the underlined Temporarily Deleted to view those records.

How can I store my shop's transactions for longer than 15 months?
If you would like to maintain Manage Transaction data that is over 12 months old, we recommend that you employ the Export Transactions button (located towards the bottom of the Manage Transactions page).

This tool allows you to generate a CSV file of your past Manage Transaction data, which can then be transferred into any database application, or into a spreadsheet application such as Excel, to be stored on your computer.  You will be able to choose the data you would like to export by date, such as specific day(s), month(s) or calendar year(s).

What is a CSV file?
This is a data table which is presented in Comma Separated Values file format. CSV format allows for the data table to be transferred into a variety of applications.  It is best viewed within an application such as Excel or FileMaker that allows you to manipulate data that is in columnar format and create spreadsheets and databases.

After opening the transferred data file in Excel, I'm getting #### in some columns. What do I do?
The hatch marks in the columns mean that the column is not wide enough to accommodate the data. You can correct this by placing your cursor on the right edge of the top of the column such as Column A, Column B, etc. and clicking. Once you place your cursor there and click, you will get a + sign. Double click on the + and the column will automatically adjust itself to accommodate and read all of the data in the column.

What if I don't have the above mentioned applications?
If you don't have access to either a spreadsheet or a database program, you can also export the data table file into either an ASCII text-editing or a word-processing application. However, since neither of these two application types has the ability to easily format the width of the data columns, manual reformatting will be required to properly view the data.

What do I do if I have a question about the download or the data?
Ruby Lane offers this tool as an add-on benefit. We do not offer customer service or technical support for the use of this tool. For more information on using databases and spreadsheets, consult your application manual.

Note: If you have a popup blocker or antivirus software on your computer, you will most likely be asked if you want to download the file. Click yes.

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