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Question Title What are Cookies, how do I accept them and why must I allow them?
What are cookies and why does Ruby Lane keep asking me to accept cookies?
Browser cookies are small packets of information that a web site stores on your computer for future reference. Ruby Lane uses cookies to maintain your user session on our site. If we are not receiving cookies from your browser, you will not be able to sign in. 

If your browser preference for cookies is to warn you before accepting cookies, you will be prompted by your browser to accept a cookie each time Ruby Lane sends one. If you set your browser to accept all cookies, you will not be prompted by your browser to accept cookies.

How do I accept Cookies?

You can set your browser preferences to either accept all cookies or alert you each time a cookie is offered. For Ruby Lane, we recommend that you set your browser to accept all cookies. You can set this preference in your browser as follows:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10
1. On the menu bar click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy
2. Click on the 'Sites' button
3.  Type rubylane.com into the 'Address of Website:' text box
4. Click Allow. - Once rubylane.com appears in the Manage Websites box you know that it has been added as a safe site for adding cookies
5. Click OK, then OK again to finish

1. Open Chrome
2. Go to Settings in the Chrome menu
3. Under Privacy, click Content settings...
4. Under Cookies, make sure the "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" radio button is selected
5. Click Done
6. Close the tab 

Current Versions of Firefox automatically accept cookies. You would need to specifically block rubylane.com in order for cookies to not be accepted. 

1. Open Safari
2. Go to Preferences in the Safari menu
3. Click Privacy
4. Under Block cookies option, choose 'From third parties and advertisers' to enable cookies while keeping a moderate level of security
5. Close the window

Note: For iPads, tablets and other Internet enabled mobile devices, view instructions regarding cookies in the manufacturer's documentation that came with your device.

Only Ruby Lane cookies can be seen by Ruby Lane servers. We cannot view any other cookies.

If the date/time on your computer is not correct, your cookies may not work correctly.

Another cause of cookie problems is security software installed on your PC, or if you are on a shared network, there may be security software installed on the machine that supplies your Internet connection. That software needs to be configured to accept cookies from rubylane.com if you wish to use our site effectively.

What should I do when your website says I am not allowing cookies? 

It is important to make sure the security software you may have installed is not preventing your computer from accepting cookies. We also recommend that you check any anti-spyware as well.

The link below may help you make sure that cookies are working:

For more information on cookies click the link below:
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